Animal Feces & Droppings Removal

Animal Feces Removal

Animal feces is extremely unsanitary, and it is completely necessary to have an animal feces removal service done. Feces may pile up around the house, around your AC unit, on the roof, in an attic and depending on the animals way of travel you might have frequently piled up feces in other areas as well. A clear sign of raccoons that have taken residence is a large pile of droppings usually on the roof area near the entry point and even worse on top of your ceiling in the attic. These areas tend to weaken as the load grows and eventually will fall through once the moisture and weight has become too much for the drywall to handle.

Bat Guano and Histoplasma Capsulatum

Bat guano accumulation can do the same despite their small size. The droppings over time can span across the entire length of an attic and be as tall as 6ft. This type of feces accumulation will typically have a very strong odor of ammonia.

Pigeon Droppings and Histoplasmosis

Our services get rid of all animal dropping so there is no further contamination issues. Once the feces removal has been completed a sealant can be applied to prevent any bacteria from traveling before it is killed and disinfected. Pigeon droppings and bat guano carry a spore known as histoplasma capsulatum that causes lung disease when inhaled. Another common animal feces problem is with raccoons. Kidney, heart and lung disease from histoplasmosis spores in feces, as well as Salmonella, asthma attacks and respiratory troubles from these spores have all been related to pigeon feces, pushing for immediate bird nesting removal. Pigeon poop has such a high acid content research has shown the droppings to corrode steel bridge structures. If it can do that to a steel bridge, you can imagine what the highly acidic pigeon droppings can do in an attic space or on a roof.

Raccoon Droppings and Roundworm

Raccoon feces carry a highly toxic parasite known as raccoon roundworm that once ingested or inhaled will attack your nervous system. Raccoon roundworm has also been known to travel and eat the cerebral cortex causing blindness. Raccoons can present a few dangers to humans and pets that call for professional raccoon removal. Raccoon feces is very dangerous to children and pets since they are more likely to be near the areas of droppings. Raccoon feces can cause blindness and even death if the raccoon roundworms are ingested or inhaled. These eggs carried in the feces have been proved to be very sticky, durable for years and only able to be killed by fire. We provide raccoon feces removal along with our raccoon removal services for areas where raccoon feces has reached a dangerous level.

Clean Up

Pets, children, as well as the elderly are more susceptible to these threats because of their weakened or different immune system. Someone with asthma or breathing problems is also especially at risk. The Discovery channel has run a series on parasites documenting a child that had blindness caused by raccoon roundworms that are carried in 6 out of 10 raccoons. Our animal feces removal services are efficient and safe so you don’t have to worry anymore. Whether you’re in need of bat guano removal from an attic, raccoon feces removal from your roof or around your A/C or attic, or pigeon dropping removal from roofs or frequented areas, we have all your animal feces removal needs.