Reasons why you shouldn’t do wildlife control yourself:

  • When done incorrectly, you educate animals to never enter a trap again. This is how trap smart or trap shy animals come about. Once educated, capture takes high level, expensive methods to insure removal.
  • Orphaned young animals will die if not found, causing expensive carcass location & removal. This is also a painful and inhumane death.
  • When trapping on the ground, skunks are a possibility. If uncovered you will be sprayed without experience dealing with skunks.
  • There is very high risk of getting sick by disease or parasites contracted by bat, pigeon and raccoon feces. These diseases and parasites are lethal to both pets and humans.
  • Feces and droppings clean up should only be done by certified hazardous waste removal specialists to avoid spreading disease and toxic spores.


Wildlife Trapping & Additional Services

When nuisance animals cross the barrier of home or business, we are here to quickly stop the problem. We know the potential damages caused by wildlife whether it be raccoons tearing holes in a home roof and smashing insulation, squirrels gnawing wires potentially causing fires or skunks spraying under a concrete stoop leaving a lasting repulsive odor for months. Problem wildlife entering a structure open up a world of problems for the home or business owner. We repair those damages back to original condition. This includes removing nesting accumulation, feces removal from animals such as raccoons and bats (Bat Guano Information), crushed attic insulation replacement from wildlife trailing through blown insulation, soffit and fascia repairs and most importantly animal exclusion services. Wildlife Exclusion & Animal Proofing is done with steel for decks, stoops and vents to prevent future entry. Once all wildlife problems have been solved we offer odor removal treatments to kill residual smells left behind that can attract new animals to the now vacant den as well as offer skunk odor removal services.



Wildlife damage control is an important part of wildlife control on your property. As population increases, more problems with wildlife occur. This is where a professional wildlife control service comes in handy. When there are so many of one species of animals at a certain location, some kind of control has to be put in place to reduce conflicts with human beings. Wildlife has become an increasingly common problem in the city and the figures keep increasing. People have been experiencing this problem in their offices, homes, or in industrial sites. This is due to the fact that some wild animals fear human beings less and have become courageous enough to venture into their property.

Hiring professional wildlife control services is the best option for you. Attempting to remove wild animals from your home without knowledge or skill puts you as well as the animal at risk. Some people may think that due to the size of an animal it can be easily removed but animals are not just living mammals that need to be displaced but they are also nuisances trying to survive in unfamiliar environments. Some animals may venture into our homes as a result of the destruction of their natural habitat through deforestation. This leaves them with no option but to relocate to a different place and meet their basic needs.

Wildlife needs to be handled with care, during the animal removal process. The well-being of animals together with their young ones needs to be put into consideration before taking any action. Removal methods by licensed technicians are far safer for your home as well as the occupants. Technicians from wildlife control companies have the knowledge required to ensure that the processes are kind and that the risk involved is minimal. If you happen to find an injured or orphaned animal, the best option would be to call a professional service. Their experience, knowledge and compassion make them ideal for animal rehabilitation, rescue and medical care.