Rat Control

Rat Removal and Extermination

How to check if you have rats in your attic. Rats leave holes behind when tunneling through your attic insulation. How do you get rid of rats from an attic you ask? We remove rats with professional rats trapping techniques and custom make a rodent removal plan for you so your not on any unnecessary monthly plans as extermination company like to put you on. We remove rats with rodent removal traps that have the highest catch ratio and do not bother with old wooden type snap traps or what most extermination companies like to throw around attics, glue traps. Glue traps are not an effective rodent removal solution, it is only an effective money making solution for extermination companies. Be aware of any companies using glue traps as the effectiveness of these traps has a life of only several days, especially with attic air flow blowing dust and insulation on the glue surface making it in effective for rodent removal and control.


Rat extermination services with rodent poisons is also another quick fix for rodent and rats control. These rats have to die somewhere! If rats die outside pets or wildlife can ingest them and become sick. If these rats die in your home or you have a dead rat fall down your wall the smell can be horrible. Our rats and rodent removal practices are built around good old hard work. We set highly effective rodent traps, with scientifically formulated rodent attractant to lure dwelling rats into the rodent traps as soon as possible for fast rodent control and set clients up to have the ability to maintain the rodent control situation themselves after the initial rats and rat extermination. If your looking for rodent removal to remove rats or rats feel free to call us to set up an appointment. We locate where rodents are getting in your home, trap and remove rodents and seal up any holes rodents may be entering. We can provide home inspections for residential or commercial clients that need to know how rats are getting inside.

Pest Control

Pest control and rodent removal can be a bit tricky. To fully get rid of rats, the present rats population in your home must be removed and then holes must be sealed up properly, although realistically not always possible as rats are able to gain entry in very high, tight and inaccessible places. Our rodent removal and pest control services offer rodent inspections as well as rats trapping and rats extermination services to eliminate rats in the home. When setting up our rodent removal we locate areas that the rats frequent the most. As an example, behind stoves, under sinks, drop ceiling tiles, around hot water tanks, closets and pantries and in drawers may all indicate areas of pest rats problems with the sign of droppings. rats can become a real problem in homes, rats chew wires that cause home fires. In fact rodent gnawing of wires causes a large percentage of home and business fires across the united states, so much that the majority of homeowners insurance policies will not cover rodent damages which includes squirrels as well. When searching for rodent removal, it’s important to find someone who can offer a permanent solution if possible, for your pest control needs. Pest rats control can be stopped the majority of the time with professional rodent removal. Woodpiles, debris accumulation and litter will definitely attract rats and other rodents near your home, only making it a matter of time before your have a rodent removal issue. Make sure to keep grass and weeds trimmed, debris piles away from your home, wood piles elevated off the ground as much as possible and keep garbage cans tight. If you have rodent removal needs never feel ashamed, the majority of our clients with larger wildlife problems such as squirrels and raccoons often have rats as well and never even know it. Give us a call today for professional rodent removal and pest control solutions for your home.

Rat Droppings

Rats removal has been a growing need, especially as temperatures drop. We recently had a rodent removal that revealed an even larger problem, a large pile of bat guano. It seemed as if the homeowner was more worried about rats being in her attic then if it were the previously suspected raccoon. The noises were heard at night, described as scratching on the drywall and as usual we were told it sounded way larger than a rat. We completed our home rats inspection and set rats traps out to begin the home rats removal process. In total 23 field rats were removed, every soffit, fan and vent was closed tight to reinforce no wildlife had entered and the bat guano was removed with a vacuum equipped with HEPA filtration. This rats removal once again proved rats sound loud and sound way larger than they actually are. Squirrels scamper and run fast back and forth, rats scratch and bang around and raccoons walk slow and heavy.

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