Beaver Control & Removal

Beaver Trapping Services

The beaver, second to only man in being able to change its own environment is a beautiful creature. Beaver display love and care for another, curiosity, intelligence, creativity and engineering feats we still can not figure out.

At times these engineering skills can become a serious issue. Blocked culverts is one of the biggest problems we come across in beaver control. Beaver ultimately change the water flow to suit their needs which in turn will flood roads, stop drainage and most obviously cut down trees to achieve this as the dams are created with the branches from cut trees in mixture with mud, rocks and grass.

We provide full beaver removal services when these problems arise. Beaver trapping often times is frowned upon by the general uneducated public which is a large concern by clients. We have the ability to use humane live capture methods as well as lethal trapping measures underwater, that are unseen to pass by traffic. Our beaver trapping methods are very effective passed down many generations dating back to WW2 era traplines. With beaver trapping you often don’t get a second chance once a mistake is made as beaver a quick learners and become trap shy very fast.

Beaver control usually hits its peak late fall as beaver begin to cut trees for their food storage as well as alter their water levels for optimal underwater den coverage. The first step in beaver control once a problem is noticed is securing valuable trees with hardware cloth to prevent cutting as beaver can cut several trees in a nights time. Second would be locating the den area and food cashe so traps can be set at the proper areas. The dam should NOT be destroyed as this is a valuable tool in predicting beaver activity for successful beaver trapping and removal.

Once beaver removal is completed, the dam can be removed to allow water to flow back to its normal rate. Typically with stream type areas nuisance beaver annually travel downstream stemming from a colony reproducing. Once an established area of beaver problems is found it is best to begin placing hardware cloth around trees as a permanent fixture.