Bird Removal

Bird Control Services


With a small number of natural predators pigeon populations have in urban areas, pigeon control has been on the rise and these pigeons have been able to spread in large numbers feeding on almost anything from garbage to human fed scraps. Because of the diseases they can so easily spread they have become a health hazard pest prompting pigeon extermination in one bird removal scenario thus professional bird control has become serious profession. Food storage is also at risk with a pigeon infestation because the diseases associated with them. Pigeon extermination by professional pigeon control services and pigeon discouragement  can be easily done by an experienced bird removal company. Bird spikes have been used successfully for pigeon removal from homes in a study conducted to determine with birds are discouraged the most by bird spikes. Pigeon trapping is also an option when pigeon control is needed and has been used very effectively in removing large numbers of pigeons as they feed in groups.

Black Birds, Sparrows and Starlings

These species are known for their ability to relentlessly accumulate mass amounts of nesting and debris made up of twigs, grass, plastic and anything else they can carry into homes. Bird control is also needed for the carefully guided poop bombs on cars, decks and in pools, which black birds seem to love to do. One removal of bird nesting produced 23 garbage bags full of bird nest debris. The bird control call started when noises were heard in the attic. Upon entering we found all the peak vents screening torn off as well as the attic vents and fan. The attic vents were plugged with bird nesting aside from the huge mounds of bird nesting on the ceiling. This nesting is a host to all types of fleas, bird mites and bird diseases in homes. The home had an energy bill drastically reduced once the vents and attic fan were cleaned of debris that plugged ventilation as well as the nesting on the floor removed to allow the insulation to work properly. Birds in this category are best removed with bird excluders allowing them to leave  and not return followed up by a solid bird proofing plan.