Professional Animal Damage Repair and Services

Image of roof damage caused by wildlife entry

Animals Happen recognizes that removing the animal or infestation from your house or business may not be the end of your wildlife problem. Pests and nuisance animals may do a lot of damage to your home, sometimes to the point where major building repairs are required. Our pre-qualified wildlife damage repair technicians are trained restoration experts that can remediate and repair any home or business that has been harmed by wildlife.

Wildlife Repair Company

Damage created by animals is so vast, they could have their very own website as all nuisance critters present a unique problem. Soffits get destroyed, and need soffit repair, support beams in attics get gnawed down to nothing causing support problems. Larger animals will tear apart roofs, siding, and gutters resulting in water damage or nuisance wildlife in the attic. Once inside, wild animals such as raccoons and squirrels will chew on everything, including electrical wires and wood structuring.

If you need any wildlife damage repaired, contact Animals Happen today. In that case, we can speak to your insurance on your behalf to ensure claims are processed correctly and not denied, as well as provide all repair services and hazardous waste removal.

Roofing Repairs

Your roof is designed to protect the home from mother nature’s harsh weather conditions. Roofs aren’t designed to withstand constant contact with animals or their attempts to gain access to the attic space through the roof. Opossums, squirrels, and raccoons will use their paws and teeth to make holes in the roof. Whether or not the animals get inside your home, the damage will be susceptible to water leaks, which will lead to rooting wood, mold, and a roof’s lifespan being shortened.

Roofing fixes are vital to stop other creatures from entering and stop water corruption and possible mold growth. Wildlife damage repair experts will perform a full exterior inspection to identify all damage points on the roof. They can then perform repairs that will protect the attic from both nuisance wildlife and harsh weather conditions. Roofing damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent costly damage caused by water or other nuisance wildlife.

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Attic Insulation Restoration

Raccoons, bats, mice, and other nuisance wildlife species that live in attics can pose various dangers. These animals commonly carry ectoparasites such as bat bugs, mites, ticks, and fleas. These ectoparasites will remain in your home even after the problem animal has been removed if they are not appropriately treated. Wild animals spread these diseases/ectoparasites through feces and urine. A few bats or a single raccoon in the attic will produce enough droppings to completely contaminate a home.

Animals in the attic will also soil and tear apart the insulation that keeps your home cool/warm. You’ll need to replace or restore your attic insulation if it’s damaged or doesn’t meet US Department of Energy standards. Wildlife damage repair experts have the expertise to assess existing attic insulation, remove and dispose of soiled or damaged insulation, and install new attic insulation.

Insulation materials, such as vermiculite attic insulation, which may contain asbestos, are potentially hazardous to your health. Vermiculite insulation should only be handled and removed by certified insulation professionals.

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Wildlife Odor Removal

Wildlife feces and dead animal odor removal often requires crawling under homes, decontaminating attics, or cutting through walls to reach deceased animals, so finding a wildlife control professional you can trust to know construction and handle the repairs will be especially important. Handling feces and dead animals causing the odors is dangerous without the proper safety equipment. Attic restoration services include chemical treatments to neutralize and bacteria left behind from a wildlife infestation.

Wildlife cleanup technicians have the technology to find the root of the odor while minimizing any damage. They can also handle repairs and remove live animals from walls before the odor develops in many situations.

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Feces Removal

Did you know that wildlife feces can carry diseases and stain your home? The Canine Distemper virus is also said to be spread by contact with bodily secretions. Raccoons and other critters spread distemper, so if you have a dog and one of these animals leaves a mess in your home, your dog could become ill.

Decontaminating, cleaning, and restoring your home or residential property to its original state is just as important as removing wildlife. Addressing these issues by cleaning, decontaminating, and restoring your home to its original condition is vital to the safety of everyone living in your house.

Contamination is a concern whenever a wild animal makes your home it’s home. It’s critical to eliminate any bacteria that wildlife have left behind in their feces/urine. This is why wildlife control companies also provide a clean-up service to assist you in getting your home back in order.

Feces clean-up services include:

  • Remove all droppings and urine
  • Disinfecting/removing all contaminated insulation
  • Disinfecting all other feces/urine-contaminated accessible areas, including living spaces

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 Are You In Need Of Wildlife Damage Repair?

For an untrained homeowner, repairing wildlife damage in the home can be a challenging undertaking. Damage control, including restoration and cleanup, will be handled by Wildlife Management Services. Homeowners may be unaware of the considerable damages or messes that a single animal management issue may cause. By inspecting both inside and outside the residence, the pre-screened wildlife technicians will detect the wildlife damage and any debris left behind. Once recognized, the wildlife experts will repair and clean up the issues that have been discovered.

If you’re looking for a wildlife damage repair company, give us a call at 833-633-1120. A nuisance animal control expert can walk you through the process and give you the best repair options for your property.