Professional Animal Damage Repair and Services


Wildlife Repair Company

Damage from animals are so vast, they could have their very own website as all nuisance critters present a unique problem. Soffits get destroyed and need soffit repair, support beams in attics get gnawed down to nothing causing support problems, roofs get torn open, causing water and mold damage, siding and gutters are easily torn off by raccoons, wires are gnawed by rodents and squirrels causing home and business fires and the list goes on and on. If you need any wildlife damage repairs contact us today, we can speak to your insurance on your behalf to ensure claims are processed correctly and not denied as well as provide all repair services and hazardous waste removal. 

Roofing Repairs

Squirrels at times will go through roofs, and not only tear up the roof, but also chew through electrical cords. Bats can also infiltrate the attic areas. However, raccoons tearing through a roof are the main culprits. Raccoons locate weak areas or rotted areas, tearing their way straight into the attic area in a matter of minutes. These roofing fixes are vital to stop other creatures from entering as well as stopping water corruption and possible mold growth. We offer emergency roof adjustments as well as full roofing services. Your roof is your home’s shield, a critter should never be allowed to break your homes safety barrier. If your in need of roofing repair call today, we can help.

Wildlife Odor Removal

Odors from animals are a constant problem. From bird nesting to skunk spray and raccoon smells, odors are not only offensive, but attractive to others, especially when they have been removed leaving a vacant den place. We have several types of odor treatments to eliminate skunks spraying the siding, skunk odor permeating a home through a concrete stoop, dead wildlife odors, musty nesting odor, squirrel and raccoon odors in attics and more. If your looking for odor removal and elimination call us today to find out which application best suits your odor removal needs.

Attic Insulation Restoration

Attic insulation restoration from raccoon destruction is a damage covered under homeowners insurance. Damaged home insulation is a huge hit on energy bills such as heating and cooling as attic insulation is set to keep outside temperatures from entering the home’s living space. With corrupted insulation outside temperatures can enter the home, making temperature not optimal for living stressing heat and a/c usage. We offer full attic insulation removal and attic insulation replacement. If you feel you may need attic insulation restoration call today for an attic insulation evaluation and estimate. Attic Restoration

Feces Removal

Feces removal is usually done for bats, pigeons and raccoons. All species that can carry potentially dangerous and toxic feces. Bat guano removal and pigeon dropping removal are essential in stopping histoplasmosis from transferring to humans. This is a spore that when inhaled through dust causes lung disease. Raccoon feces are a carrier of raccoon roundworm, a parasite that attacks your central nervous system. Without feces removal these eggs can lie dormant for years with over 22,000 in one single gram of feces only being destroyed by fire. If you have any of the mentioned species and need professional feces removal service call today. Droppings Removal and Feces Clean Up