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If you’re looking for yellow jacket removal, you are not alone. Yellow jackets are one of the most common types of stinging insects that cause issue. Yellow jacket removal is typically necessary due to the fact that yellow jackets like to nest in crevices of homes or around homes, this combined with their aggressive nature its not long before a child or pet is stung alerting that there is a problem. Luckily our stinging insect treatments are fast and safe for these situations. Now what if you are faced with a larger problem. Such as a basketball sized nest in a tree of bald-faced hornets. Bald-faced hornet removal is a common need as well. Hornets are extremely aggressive and can seriously hurt or even kill an individual that unknowing aggravates the nest. Hundreds of hornets along with larvae are contained within the paper housing. There is typically a main opening used by the bald-faced hornets however there are also other exit holes, these holes can be dangerous when trying to self treat a nest at home. You may know by now, store bought wasp and hornet spray is not strong enough to handle nests of this size. If you are in need of bald-faced hornet removal call us today, we can help!

Stinging insect removal just a town over has the same yellow jacket and bald-faced hornet issues. Our yellow jacket removal services are done by a number of treatment options, from dust treatments to fog and sprays we have several options for any yellow jacket removal scenario. As yellow jackets can nest in old chipmunk dens, gaps in siding and soffits, vents, attics and almost any other void there is no one treatment fits all for these stinging insects, especially yellow jackets. Yellow jacket removal is typically done in the early morning or late afternoon as most are within the nest at this time making for a faster overall process. Bald-faced hornet removal is a little different in the aspect of treatments. Our system is is same for all nests, which is a 2 part system we have found the most effective amongst all other treatments. If you are in need of bald-faced hornet removal call today. Our treatment turnaround time is less than 24 hours from time of call in and typically less than 12.

Are you in need of professional bee & wasp control? We treat, control and remove bees and wasps from areas where human contact is a hazard. When the summer peaks so does bee & wasp control as they are extremely active near homes, garages, sheds, playgrounds, wood piles and brick work. We are successful in our bee & wasp control because we use a 2 part pest control system. We flush and kill the present bees & wasps and then put a residual treatment to kill bees and wasps that were not present during the initial treatment. This type of treatment is fantastic for areas wasps & bees have decided to enter and make nests deep down into structures and walls. At times honey bees cause problems in walls of homes that present a few issues. Honey can destroy drywall by molding or softening the material if not constantly cooled by the bees wings. Honey bee removal and honey bee control should be done by safely removing the honey bees and extracting the honeycombs. Wasp and hornet control is always an absolute must as they possess a powerful sting and can severely hurt people especially children. No matter what your bee & wasp control situation we provide professional and effective solutions for removing wasps & bees for good. Call today for quality and effective bee & wasp control. We provide emergency bee & wasp removal as well for situations that can not wait another day.

If your seeking professional bee, wasp & yellow jacket control services we have a bee control solution for you, with bee control we are talking about all stinging insect removal. Yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, carpenter bees and more! We know how to stop problem stinging insects fast and do so with human and pet safe bee, wasp & yellow jacket control solutions. Typically your pest control issue for bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets will be in the ground, log pile, swing set or in cracks and crevices of a home. However we also see a lot of soffit and attic infestations needing bee, wasp & yellow jacket control services.  If your in need of fast bee, wasp & yellow jacket control we can help, we get rid of stinging insects, remove bees, stop yellow jackets, control and eliminate carpenter bees, get rid of hornet nests and exterminate any other pest stinging insects causing a problem around your home.

Our bee, wasp & yellow jacket extermination has a 3 month guarantee against re-infestation. If your looking for yellow jacket extermination the time to act is upon seeing the stinging insect pest control problem as time will allow the problem to grow and become worse and in the case of carpenter bees, allow damages to your home to become worse as well. We can also seal and patch holes of pest carpenter bees after successful wasp extermination. Pest control for stinging insects is never hopeless and we can help get rid of your bee, yellow jacket, wasp or hornet problem once and for all. Call us today for professional bee removal! We will get rid of, control, evict, exterminate, terminate, stop and destroy stinging pest control insects from your home.

Our pest control treatments get rid of, control and stop mice, bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, ants, termites, silverfish, earwigs, bed bugs, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, spiders and all other bug control problems. Pest control is a very needed service. Bugs and pests can make life a nightmare when not treated especially when stinging insect removal and poisonous spider removal is the problem.

Hornets can be a nasty pest control species. Hornets will seek out and destroy any invaders with a painful sting that feels like fire being injected as they do have venom. We get rid of hornets with professional hornet control services in and have warranties to backup all hornet control work done. Hornets will create large basketball sized nests in trees make of paper, these hornet nests are hot spots for being stung when unaware of its presence. If your in need of hornet removal we are here to help with our hornet control treatments.

Bees are an amazing creature however at times bee removal is absolutely necessary as bees can create nests in places where they are a safety hazard. Honey bees and bumblebees are relatively harmless and do far more good than harm yet when a bumble bee nest or honey bee hive is near a public place or playground they must be removed for the safety of humans, especially those allergic to bee stings. A bee sting can kill those allergic. Our bee control services are safe and effective in controlling bees. Bee treatments are effective in getting rid of, removing and controlling entire colonies of bees that have become a pest control issue. Contact us today if you are experiencing a bee control problems.

Yellow jacket control is almost always a problem for homes and businesses as yellow jackets are a true pest species. Offering nothing to nature, yellow jackets are an aggressive predatory species that build nests in human inhabited areas. Our yellow jacket extermination services eliminate yellow jacket colonies from any area they have become a safety hazard or nuisance. We can get rid of your yellow jack problems once and for all and back that by a guarantee. Yellow jackets like to build nests in the ground as well as under decks, in soffits and attics. Call today for effective yellow jacket control.

Looking for stinging insect removal services? If you have carpenter bees in your attic, a yellow jacket nest on the playground or a wasp nest in a tree we have you covered. We offer removal solutions for all bee, hornet, wasp and yellow jacket control and removal needs. Bees are definitely a beautiful creature and even more so a beneficial one to nature however when they are too close for comfort they can be dangerous. Our bee and wasp removal is fast and discrete as well. Usually the most concern we get is yellow jackets, being a non-beneficial species yellow jacket removal is usually the biggest need during the summer months. Next is probably attic dwelling species, carpenter bee removal for the bees that have created holes in wood to gain entry into the outside of your home and wasp removal for the attic dwellers. For situations such as this we offer stinging insect removal as well as lasting treatments to kill future insects that happen to come along and try to take up residence. Our treatments in ideal conditions will last the duration of the summer until the next year.

Bee removal is a growing need and more and more homes are built just as wildlife problems are growing. Most can live with the mammals however when it comes to getting stung bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets have be hard to live with. Call us today if you are having trouble with stinging insects, we offer the best services for bee, wasp, yellow jacket and hornet removal and control. We are accredited by the BBB with an A+ Rating.

Has the warm weather made your home a war field with stinging insects such as bees, wasps and hornets needing removal. Stinging insect control hits its peak right around the time the weather warms up for good. Our stinging insect treatments will get rid of bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, honey bees and all other stinging insects. Carpenter bee removal is a huge need for the fact carpenter bees bore holes into wood. This damage is usually circular holes as if someone drilled with a tool, our stinging insect control services include sealing these holes as well. Our carpenter bee removal is fast and effective with lasting bee removal treatments and hole sealing. This is the best approach for carpenter bee control. Yellow jacket removal is one of the biggest needs that residents call for. Yellow jacket control is usually in result of the aggressive nature of yellow jackets, often making nests underground where kids play and in attics where they can attack from above. Hornet and wasp removal is also a service we provide. Stinging insect removal can usually be accommodated the same day or at the very latest the next business day. Our bee, wasp, hornet and yellow jacket control is professional and efficient means of bee removal that’s accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Call us today!

Not only are they able to cause tension and phobia when they interact with humans, stinging insects can be a threat to safety, sources of irritation, nuisance, disturbance, and chaos. As a matter of fact, they are known to be fond of ruining outdoor activities such as parties, events, sports and other social gatherings. While some of them such as bees are overly important as crop pollinators, some species such as bald-faced hornets, wasps, yellow jackets can as well be dangerous and disastrous.

We are a professional wasp, bald-faced hornet, yellow jacket, and stinging insect removal services provider that you can rely on to keep your home or yard safe through highly advanced control techniques that are safe, quick, and handled by experts. Some of the most common stinging insects we can help you eradicate include:

  • Wasps
  • Yellow Jackets
  • bald-faced Hornets
  • Bees

In most cases, wasps build nests around windows or eaves when they invade your property. In appearance, these stinging pests can range from dark red, red-brown, red stripes, orange and bright yellow. If they get threatened, wasps are very protective and can sting the victim. This is why it is highly advisable to have a professional stinging insect removal expert help you safely get rid of this stinger bug.

Please Call us today for a wasp removal estimate if you happen to detect or suspect a wasp infiltration in your property or yard or request more information online about our stinging insect removal procedure. We employ advanced stinging insect removal techniques, equipment and expertise to leave you with assured of safety.

Yellow Jackets have a body form that mimics that of the popular honey insect but unlike the busy honey bees, they are thinner and have a characteristic black color and yellow lines spread throughout the body. They are also more aggressive and possess the ability to sting a person repeatedly, especially when their safety or comfort is disturbed. A single colony of yellow jackets can be composed of 1000 to 15000 and tend to build their nests in abandoned areas away from humans. However, stray colonies may invade or infiltrate occupied property and become a threat to the occupants. Due to their extremely dangerous nature, removing yellow jackets requires an expert approach.

If you detect the presence of this stinging insect within your premises or surrounding, please call us for an estimate or request more information online about our yellow jacket removal procedure. We employ advanced stinging insect removal techniques, equipment and expertise to leave you with assured of safety.

Just likes bees, bald-faced hornets maintain a colony style of living and can be overly scaring, irritating and dangerous. Composed of about 700 to 1000 worker bald-faced hornets and a queen as their colony leader, these stinging insects dwell in nests that are more conspicuous in the late spring. Whenever these insects feel insecure or threatened, they have the ability to aggressively attack and sting the victim more than once. The hornet venom contains a high concentration of acetylcholine, which makes stings from these insects quite painful. Hornets are in most cases black and white in color. If you happen to detect the presence of these insects within your home or commercial premises, a professional treatment procedure is highly necessary.

Rather than having to expose yourself to safety risks, call us today for professional bald-faced hornet removal and control.

The honeybee is perhaps everyone’s favorite stinging insect. Regardless of their importance in making honey and assisting in pollination, some species of these insects can be overly aggressive, especially when disturbed. To avoid accidentally provoking a swarm of angry bees, it is best to have them professionally removed without killing the rather important creatures the ecosystem highly depends on. We are experts in bee removal from your property using approaches such as traps, repellents, and other safer methods using our expertise to guarantee you a safer home or yard.

Whenever you detect the presence of bees within your premises or yard, please call us for an estimate on bee removal and or request more information online about or other services such as Wasp, Yellow Jacket, bald-faced Hornet and Insect Removal Services.