Wildlife Control and Removal Services

Has nuisance wildlife created an unwanted situation leaving you feeling alienated in your own home? Wildlife by nature will take the path of least resistance for any action, this sometimes includes finding a den site that can be an opening of your home. They know nothing more then survival, which means if you have a bird feeder constantly filled, they may take up residence to be close to the food source. If you have tree limbs hanging onto your roof, they may take advantage of the access point and take residence through a poorly built soffit pocket or attic fan opening. Our wildlife removal services are a constant need throughout the year as wildlife stages are always shifting. Springtime raccoon control issues with baby raccoons being born, summertime bat infestations and baby skunks emerging from their den to test their spray, winter squirrels having their second litter, all has a balance. The best solution to wildlife issues is humane wildlife removal with professional humane animal traps, cutting off access points such as branches that hang too close to the roof and most of all, animal proofing the vulnerable areas along with the entry points. Nuisance animals do not like to be seen and will gladly choose a home less protected over a home animal proofed with animal proof materials. If you are having issues with wildlife and need trapping services or any of the below services, contact us today for an inspection and estimate!

  • Bat Control
  • Guano Removal
  • Squirrel Control & Relocation
  • Opossum Trapping & Removal
  • Baby Animal Removal & Rehabilitation
  • Skunk Trapping & Odor Elimination Treatments
  • Coyote & Fox Trapping
  • Beaver Removal
  • Dead Animal Extraction
  • Bird Nesting Removal & Vent Covers
  • Animal Proofing & Exclusion
  • Raccoon Control
  • Free Wildlife Removal & More Pest control & Mice extermination

Has pesky unwanted house mice scratching above your head made you wonder what in the world is living in your attic? Have you wondered to yourself lately, how do I know if I have mice living in my walls? If so you may need professional mouse removal. Sometimes mice can fall down walls and die leaving horrible odors behind until the dead mice are cut out of the wall and removed. Many times mice will group together down a wall, when the dead mice are found the smell is magnified by the amount of mice dying in one place. The odor of a dead mouse is never pleasant and never leaves fast enough when inside a home. Dead mice can smell horrible until found and removed. We provide mice trapping services and perform dead mice removal and extraction from hard to reach areas. We perform thorough rodent control inspections to find out exactly where mice are entering your home and seal off the entry points with professional mouse proofing measures to eliminate future rodent infestations. We know how to find mice entry areas and look into places that aren’t in plain sight. We do not use poison, we use effective rodent trapping techniques to control where the mice die so the guesswork of figuring out where the dead mice will die is eliminated. This is a huge issue when using rodent baits that are poisonous. You simply can NOT control or determine where the mice die! Effective rodent trapping and removal services are just a phone call away. Call for a free phone consultation on mice control & extermination methods and services.


Bird Control

Birds just like other wildlife species find some pretty difficult tight spaces to nest. Our bird removal has taken us from attic vents to attics with some pretty surprising finds. Bird removal is best done when allowing birds to see themselves out, this insures total bird removal when one way exits are used over bird entry holes. Aside from bird removal in attics and vents we can also perform bird removal from inside of homes and businesses where birds have accidentally flown in and can not find the exit on their own.

Exhaust vents, dryer vents and peak vents are all places of entry for birds. Entry where nesting is brought in to accumulate to levels beyond imagination. Once birds are removed we offer bird proofing for vents either out of plastic baskets or steel grates custom cut.

Nests from little birds can reach enormous sizes. We have had nests up to 6 feet high spanning across entire portions of attic spaces from little starlings and sparrows. Little birds go unnoticed as they daily keep building their nests eventually reaching sizes that can not go unnoticed any longer even causing bird mites to be seen in homes. We can take care of any size nest removal in any area the nest removal is needed and can also disinfect the area and have pesticide treatments done to kill lice, ticks and mites.

Bird Control and Clean Up

Unfortunately burrowing rodents such as chipmunks are hardly ever un-noticed or problem free near a home and many home owners with a chipmunk presence on their property and are often searching for the best method on how to get rid of chipmunks, usually only ending by calling a chipmunk removal expert. One example of chipmunk problems needing chipmunk control services are tunnels dug underneath patio brick work, the chipmunk dens often have hollow tunnels spanning out eventually allowing the bricks to cave in leaving the patio bricks needing expensive reconstruction. Chipmunk holes attract other wildlife and more often than not are taken over by larger animals. The start of a cute little chipmunk ending with a bold skunk spraying to defend his territory or having a dozen eager to spray baby skunks is no minor situation. If you have been trying to find out how to deter chipmunks or how to remove chipmunks from your yard call one of our chipmunk trapping experts for advice. We provide pesticide and poison free chipmunk control solutions to eliminate structural damage to brick patios & concrete and also wildlife attraction of larger animals. Call for your free chipmunk damage control phone consultation.

Most homeowners that have nuisance squirrels in their attic hardly ever ask themselves “do I have squirrels in my attic”?  Usually if you have squirrels, you know it and are asking yourself “how do I get rid of these nuisance squirrels in my attic”. Usually the best answer is professional squirrel trapping. Squirrels are loud and fast paced, often reports of them running back and fourth or loud fighting above is common. Nuisance squirrels are not shy about letting you know that they live in your attic and do not plan on leaving anytime soon with out a professional performing humane squirrel trapping. Problem squirrels chew holes into fascia boards, soffits, attic fan screens, cedar shingles and attic vents. Wood, sheet metal and wire mesh are hardly ever an obstacle for them when entering a building is their goal. Once inside the odors present attraction to larger heath hazardous animals, such as nuisance raccoons, home fires due to squirrels chewing and gnawing wires is the cause of 1/3 of house fires in the United States, water damage from exposure the elements through open squirrel entry points and insulation damage are all associated problems with squirrels getting inside an attic and making a home. If you want to get squirrels out of your attic we have several options for humane squirrel removal that can have you and your home squirrel free in a few days. We take squirrel control to an entire new level with up to date innovative squirrel trapping techniques unknown to other companies. Let us put together a personal squirrel removal package based on your individual home and needs followed up by comprehensive guaranteed home squirrel exclusion & proofing methods to keep them out for good. We have successfully serviced several hundred DuPage County home and business squirrel removal problems and can do the same for your nuisance squirrel control needs.

We’re still not too sure about how much wood a woodchuck can chuck but we do know how much damage they can cause making burrows or helping themselves to flower and vegetable gardens. Woodchucks also know as groundhogs are very laid back animals, often times seen just sunning themselves out on a deck. Woodchuck removal and trapping is often overlooked at the mere sight of a woodchuck in a yard until problems start, then the search begins on how to get rid of woodchucks or how to repel woodchucks. Repelling woodchucks is a debated issue, some have had success and some have tried all with failure. With mixed results and the factor of chance involved results are not typical enough to recommend any methods of discouragement. Trapping is the only guaranteed woodchuck control practice and with experience and a legal relocation property this has proven to be very effecting in getting rid of groundhogs. If you have the danger of groundhog holes that animals can step into or have flowers and vegetables being snacked on, give us a call for a free woodchuck removal phone consultation.

How to get rid of opossums or how to get opossums out of your yard are two questions that’s can only be answered one way. Opossum removal by trapping must be put in place to remove any unwanted opossums from living under sheds, decks, stoops and in yards. Opossums are very opportunistic feeders and this creates problems when living under a deck or stoop that demands immediate opossum removal once residence has been taken. When they come across a dead animal carcass they like to drag them into their dens to feed. Now this creates a double problem, for one the smell of the dead animal under a deck is horrid and on a hot day unbearable. Second, opossums tend to get sick and die from all the rotten or diseased carcasses they feed on, so now the opossum dying and leaving dead animal odor is also a concern. As for physical danger opossums aren’t aggressive and will usually run or play dead emitting a vile smelling anus fluid to avoid a conflict, however they do have more teeth than any mammal and will inflict damage if they feel the need to bite. This is a VERY rare occasion. Opossum trapping for us is a day to day operation as well as and even more so, dead opossum removal. We set numerous opossum traps weekly and know how to find and excavate dead opossum carcasses effectively from under decks and stoops. Call for a free phone consultation if you feel opossum control or dead opossum removal is the best answer to your nuisance opossum situation, whatever it may be. Deterring opossums or repelling opossums is hardly ever an effective measure.

If you’ve ever been driving and caught the odor of a skunk you know its not pleasant and very potent, even worse if you have had a skunk spray under your deck you know the sulfur it contains can make you feel like you can taste it and even worse bring on the feeling of nausea. Skunk odor removal methods from scented candles to ozone machines have all been tried, and actually help the situation depending on how strong the skunk odor you want to get rid of is. We know how to get rid of skunk odor from a home and do it on a molecular level, destroying the molecules and not just masking the scent. When it comes to knowing how to get rid of a skunk from a yard, deck, stoop or window well. We expertly do that too! We can provide expert skunk trapping services to get rid of skunks odorlessly. When you’re looking for skunk control you also want a company with experience in knowing how to read a skunks behavior and communicate with the animal to calm the need to spray. Skunks are actually very intelligent animals, they even make amazing pets where allowed by law when de-scented. Young skunks are a little more ready to spray then adult skunks though and trying to odorlessly remove baby skunks is a very hit or miss task. If your looking for the best company to employ humane skunk removal, U.S. Wildlife Removal Service has you covered with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau for skunk removal and over 25 years of experience our professionally trained staff can manage all of your skunk trapping and home skunk proofing needs. Give us a call, lets talk about a skunk removal plan.

A little about problem raccoons before we get to raccoon removal, how to get rid of raccoons and how to deter nuisance raccoons with repellents. First off, it is NOT ok, safe or healthy to live with raccoons in your attic. Raccoons are super strong animals that can jump very far, have enormous power and strength, have the ability to climb just about anything, have a bite with more pressure than a pit bull, can adapt and live in almost any setting or climate comfortably and have surprisingly high intelligence. Now couple all those facts with a nuisance raccoon that wants to get inside your home or already knows how to get inside a home and you are going to need some professional raccoon removal. A cornered raccoon inside a house can attack viciously and inflict a lot of damage on a human or pet. Raccoon feces is dangerous, raccoon droppings carry sticky durable eggs of the parasitic raccoon round worm. Raccoons are immune to this parasites effects that can be fatal to humans or pets when ingested or inhaled if the eggs become airborne. The eggs can lie dormant for years and once ingested come to life attacking the central nervous system and at times traveling to the brain, in one instance eating a child’s cerebral cortex causing blindness. No know treatments have been found to kill the eggs except burning with a torch. If you need humane raccoon control services, the best step is to first removal all food sources that attract raccoons. Grubbing raccoons can cause thousands of dollars of damage in the search for grubs on your lawn, raccoons tearing up your lawn must be stopped as soon as possible as it only takes a few nights to completely destroy well manicured lawn. Raccoon proof bird feeders are a must since raccoons do eat seeds from bird feeders. Raccoons getting in garbage cans attracts other raccoons, how to keep raccoons out of garbage cans is simple. Secure your garbage cans lid and keep all garbage inside the can. How to keep raccoons off a roof gets down to access points. In some cases its impossible to get rid of all raccoon access points, however limiting them to the best of your ability will keep raccoons off your roof. As for getting raccoons out of your attic or stopping raccoons from coming into your home is another matter. This will take professional raccoon trapping and there are no known effective coyote urine sprays or discouraging pellets to keep raccoons away. Our raccoon trapping is cost efficient and effective even for hard to catch raccoons that have learned to be wise to a conventional cage trap. If you need pest raccoons removed from your property call us for raccoon trapping options and don’t forget to ask about our 10 year guaranteed home raccoon proofing & exclusion.

Dead animal removal can happen almost anywhere. From crawl spaces, behind walls, under decks and stoops, under sheds, dead animal removal is a pretty wide range service. At times we must cut open dry wall or perform a complete dig out under a stoop to have a successful dead animal removal servicing or smells will continue to persist. If you need dead animal removal pictures and detail will help give accurate over the phone quotes.

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Wildlife Removal Services

When it comes to animal trapping we have all your removal needs covered. From the day to day squirrel, raccoon and skunk trapping procedures to trap smart animals and high skill level species such as fox, coyote and beaver our experienced is beyond excellent and always yields successful and satisfactory results. We have animal traps ranging from basic cage traps to our very own self modified traps to suit all animal trapping situations as no one trap or trap set will be effective for all situations, this is where true trapping experience shines beyond the drive up baited cage set services. If your having a problem that needs animal trapping or have had failed attempts at trapping an animal, never give up hope we can help you today.

Damage repairs from animals are so vast they could have their very own website as all nuisance animals present a unique damage causing problem. Soffits get destroyed and need soffit repair, support beams in attics get gnawed down to nothing causing support problems, roofs get torn open causing water and mold damage, siding and gutters are easily torn off by raccoons, wires are gnawed by rodents and squirrels causing home and business fires and the list goes on and on. If your need any animal damage repairs contact us today, we can speak to your insurance on your behalf to insure claims are processed correctly and not denied as well as provide all damage repair services and hazardous waste removal.