Snake Control & Management

Get Rid of Snakes

For immediate snake removal services call us.

Snake removal, management and control is our specialty. Our professionals have over 40 years experience handling, removing and controlling snakes.

If it slithers on the ground and has scales, chances are we have dealt with it! We have removed and controlled snakes of all varieties, including eastern and western diamondback rattlesnakes, sidewinders, boa constrictors, pythons, kingsnakes, copperheads, gopher snakes, bullsnakes and the list goes on.

While the vast majority of snake species are harmless, we fully understand that many of our clients would still like the snake encountered to be removed.

Regardless of the problem snake removal situation at hand, always feel free to give us ring. Our snake removal services are generally available at any time, night or day, including weekends and holidays.

Don’t forget to ask us about training your dog to avoid rattlesnakes and other venomous reptiles. We have developed one of the best snake avoidance, or “snake breaking” classes available. The class fee is nominal and the class can save your dog’s life, not to mention saving you hundreds of dollars in veterinarian fees.

Our snake removal professionals are your local, honest and dependable choice for expert snake removal and control. Please do not hesitate to give us a ring for any of your snake control or snake bite avoidance training needs.