Attic Repair, Decontamination, And Restoration

Image of attic restoration

Professional wildlife control companies devote a significant amount of effort to attic restorations since the service must be completed correctly in order to protect homes from the problems that can emerge from shoddy work. Wildlife infestations caught early in development may only require minor damage repair and feces cleanup services. However, occasionally an infestation becomes so severe that a complete attic restoration and repair is needed. After wildlife removal, nuisance animal damage assessments are performed to identify vulnerabilities in the attic’s structure/protection.

Animals Happen understand that attic repairs can be costly, and we want you to make your decision based on facts, not on exaggerated fears. Attic restoration is only suggested when necessary. If raccoons, bats, or other animals have destroyed your attic, wildlife repair technicians will provide you with an outline of the damage and show you the damaged areas.

Regardless of the extent of the damage, attic restoration specialists will restore your attic to like-new condition. Attic repair services come with warranties that ensure your attic will be in top condition for years to come. If wild animals have caused damage in your attic, call Animals Happen at 833-633-1120 more information on attic repair services.

Damage Repair In The Attic

Photo of attic repaired after animal infestationGetting rid of rodents or other pests that have taken up residence in your home is only part of the solution. Bats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons are among the animals that choose to live and breed in the attic. Unfortunately, once an animal has been removed, there may be damage that needs to be repaired. Common areas of the attic damaged by wildlife include insulation, soffits, electrical wiring, air ducts, and wood/drywall stained by urine or feces.

It’s fantastic that the bats or other vermin in your attic are gone, but how did they get in, to begin with? Is there a hole in the roof where the squirrel got in? Is it possible that a family of mice got in through a faulty flashing? The entry point will need to be sealed or repaired to prevent more nuisance animals from entering the home.

Wildlife Repair Professionals will identify all damage during the initial home inspection. Unless homeowners are willing to climb their roof or get into the infested areas of the attic, repair technicians are your best bet to identify any weak points in the attic. When you hire a wild animal damage repair expert, you get a trained professional with decades of experience and specialized tools required to restore an attic to its previous condition. Why risk making ineffective repairs when you can rely on the experts?

Attic Restoration

After a wildlife infestation, attic restoration is the process of fixing damage to your attic. Bats, squirrels, mice, and rats can wreak havoc in your attic, causing damage to your property and posing a disease risk if left unchecked.

On the other hand, full attic restoration entails more than just eliminating the animals and their droppings. Special attention must be paid to removing any wildlife-related debris, including microscopic microorganisms. Insurance may support the restoration, but coverage and costs will vary depending on the severity of the damage. If the situation is addressed quickly, homeowners insurance are more likely to help out.

Importance Of Attic Repair Services

Image of attic restorationIf your attic has been infested with wildlife, attic restoration is a critical step in preventing future infestations. An infestation indicates that the animals entered your home for the first time, and if they did it once, they will most likely do it again.

Once animals have gained access to your attic, they begin to make themselves at home. Unfortunately, they do so by causing damage to your property. Water and other animals may enter your attic through entry points used by the previous invaders. To avoid future costs such as water damage repair or wildlife removal, it’s crucial to repair attics in the first place.

Because most animals transmit disease by their droppings, which will have found their way all over your attic throughout the period in which the wildlife had taken up home, removing the animal’s physical presence isn’t enough to eliminate the possibility of bacteria transmission. Attic restoration services cover everything from wildlife feces decontamination to damage repair. Attic restoration is offered to protect your home against weather damage, future infestations, and the spread of disease.

Attic Restoration Process

  1. The smaller droppings are removed first. Filter vacuums are used to remove smaller feces, while larger feces must be picked up by hand.
  2. Depending on the concentration of the droppings in the insulation, the insulation may need to be removed and replaced.
  3. Larger droppings and other debris left by animals must be collected by hand because the vacuum is not powerful enough to remove them.
  4. Entry points are sealed and animal damage is repaired.
  5. Finally, the decontamination of the attic begins. Attic cleanup includes spraying a mist of bacteria-killing solutions through the attic. The spray contains a solution that kills microorganisms introduced by the wild animals and left behind by urine, excrement, and grease. Attic decontamination is necessary to pick up debris missed by a vacuum and sanitize the insulation and structure.

Has Your Attic Been Destroyed By Nuisance Wildlife?

It is critical to contact a wildlife removal professional as soon as you suspect you have any animals sharing to ensure the health and safety of your home or family. Before your attic can be returned to its former glory, wildlife technicians will need to eradicate any wild animals in the attic. Once removed, a damage inspection can be performed to identify what specific service your attic requires. To get started on attic restoration, contact Animals Happen at 833-633-1120 and connect with a local wildlife damage repair expert.