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Attic Insulation Restoration

When a raccoon has entered your attic space trouble is almost immediate. Attic insulation is smashed and matted down as they walk around creating the perfect den, urine & feces is spread all over as they designate areas for a latrine and the entry hole is an open door to the elements which create mold damage from moisture. Luckily attic restoration due to a raccoon in an attic is usually covered under a homeowners insurance policy. If it does not come as a surprise to you and you expected wildlife damage to be covered, think again. Many times we encounter attics destroyed by squirrels and the attic restoration and re-insulation has to be paid out of pocket as most insurance companies do not cover rodent damage. This is an alarming fact considering squirrels and rodents account for 30,000 home and business fires yearly. Raccoon damage attic restoration is usually a fairly easily done procedure as our estimators deal directly with your insurance company as an advocate for your home’s attic damage situation. We eliminate the stress of negotiating to make sure everything is covered and fixed correctly. Once we have cleared the area of animals the attic restoration and re-insulation can begin. It is vital that before your attic restoration begins that your home be sealed off or in other words animal proofed as the project may not be covered a second time if animals re-enter. Dramatic cost reduction in heating and cooling is almost guaranteed after the attic has been re-insulated up to spec. If you are in need of raccoon damage attic restoration or need re-insulation please give us a call today for a phone consultation. You’ll be glad you found us!

Restoration & Clean Up

At the point when animals live in an attic, they leave feces and droppings. This can incorporate pee, excrement, hair,  blood, feces, body oils, nesting material, and food including other dead animals. This can make an odor issue in your home, that affects your comfort and attracts more animals, yet even more terrible, can be unsanitary or even a biohazard. Numerous animal droppings can result in human diseases, for example, Leptospirosis, and Salmonellosis. The Rickettsia infection, or even raccoon roundworm contamination are potential dangers. Also wildlife feces can develop mold, and this can prompt lung diseases, for example, histoplasmosis. This is especially true with mass amounts of bat dropping or guano from fledglings or roosting bats. Wild animals can likewise acquire parasites, for example, bugs, ticks, fleas, and internal parasites. Moreover, when a creature abandons its fragrance in an attic, it can really draw in other wildlife – huge creatures may attempt to break in on the off chance that they smell the aroma of mice and rodents regularly abandon a pheromone fragrance that will bring in new rodents. For these reasons, its a great thought to have your attic restored. This could be as simple as the removal of waste and a purification treatment, to a full Addison attic insulation restoration and replacement on account of substantial damage.