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Professional Raccoon RemovalAre you in need of getting rid of nuisance raccoons that have decided to take up residence in your home or under a deck or stoop? We expertly remove raccoons from homes by humane raccoon trapping and also provide baby raccoon removal for mother raccoons that have decided to give birth in you attic. Baby raccoon removal can be very difficult as mother raccoons take their babies to the most difficult areas to access in order to keep them safe. This means at times to perform baby raccoon removal we must take down soffits, cut open ceilings and dig through tight areas of attic insulation to retrieve them. Before we do any baby raccoon removal services we must complete the raccoon trapping to eliminate the mother from the scenario. At times if threatened she will start moving her babies to separate areas thus creating a bigger raccoon removal situation. When it comes to raccoon trapping we diligently work to remove the raccoons as fast as possible to prevent any further damage, as nuisance raccoons inside of an attic will smash attic insulation completely leaving it useless causing a spike in heating and cooling bills. The cost is estimated at a 50% increase in cost with damaged attic insulation due to raccoons needing attic restoration. Along with smashing the attic insulation their entry point can allow water to get inside of the attic. Not only does this allow water damage to the insulation but the entire home as well including structure and drywall. We offer attic restoration services for homeowners that need damages restored and mitigate your claim as well for you with your home owners insurance to make sure you are fairly treated and taken care of. Luckily with raccoon removal services, attic restoration from nuisance raccoon damage is one service that home owners insurance does cover unlike if you has a squirrel problem.

Raccoon FecesRaccoon feces is another concern. Raccoon feces carries a parasite that can and does effect humans and pets called Baylisascaris, or raccoon roundworm. This parasite leaves about 26,000 eggs per gram of raccoon feces, these eggs are very sticky and durable that can lie dormant for up to 7 years until inhaled or ingested. The effects include central nervous system deterioration and blindness. The Animal Planet actually featured this parasite on the popular show monsters inside me. See the video here.

Professional Naperville & Downers Grove raccoon control is always needed once the area is breached by either tearing their way through or failure of building materials.

We provide professional Naperville raccoon removal by trapping and offer full clean up and damage repair services including raccoon exclusion for prevention.

Naperville Raccoon Removal

Naperville Raccoon Removal

Successful raccoon control

Looking to get rid of raccoons from an attic? Our state certified technicians specialize in Naperville raccoon removal from all scenarios including educated trap smart raccoons from inexperienced trapper attempts. Raccoons are a serious matter when it comes to them residing in a home. Through our years of raccoon removal we have seen damage from structure and electrical due to chewing to insulation and drywall damage from movement and the accumulation of urine and feces. Raccoon feces is very toxic carrying raccoon round worm, a parasite that attacks the central nervous system.  Unfortunately their eggs found by the thousands are very sticky, durable and lie dormant for years only being destroyed by burning. One upside to raccoon damage is, it is covered by homeowners insurance. After raccoons are removed from an attic its apparent why the insulation must be replaced as heating and cooling bills will skyrocket. Our Naperville raccoon removal offers full service from complete raccoon removal to clean up and prevention. We pride ourselves in quality raccoon exclusion work that we guarantee from 5-10 years depending on the structure secured to. Once Naperville raccoon removal is completed and the entry points are secure the next steps in raccoon prevention is eliminating access points such as tree branches and eliminating odors left behind. If you are in need of Naperville raccoon removal services and would like a consultation call us today. We are available 24 hours for emergency situations as well.

Pest Naperville Raccoon Control

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Damaged soffit from destructive raccoons

Although most people think problem raccoons will hibernate during the winter the fact is, problem raccoons go dormant for a the coldest days sometimes sleeping 3-5 days in a row but pest raccoons do not sleep the winter out. The best way to get rid of raccoons from your attic during the winter is to wait out the sleeping period and have raccoon traps set near the entry point when the weather begins to break. This is the time nuisance raccoons that are in your home with go out to find food.

How to get rid of Raccoons with mothballs?

Not know to many people wanting to know how to use mothballs to get raccoons out of attics, mothballs are against the law to use for deterring mammals. Also if your want to get a raccoon out of your house by using mothballs you may realize that the smell of mothballs is heavier than air and will make your home smell worse than the attic space itself. Wildlife removal seems very primitive however because of this thought animals all over have been educated on the working of a trap and become “trap smart”. Animals are a lot smarter than most think and will out smart a person if a trap is ignorantly set out. Permits and licensing are required to remove nuisance raccoons from property or inside homes and is best left to trained professionals. If you need pest raccoon removal contact U.S. Wildlife Removal Service for information on how to stop nuisance raccoons from getting in your home or for raccoon trapping services.