Do Squirrels Leave The Attic During The Day?

Picture of common gray squirrel climbing tree

When a squirrel moves into an attic, it’s for shelter to raise a family. The squirrels will remain in the attic until the young are large enough to survive on their own. A squirrel is full size at 14 weeks of age but that doesn’t mean they will leave after that time. If the attic is secure and rarely visited, there’s no knowing how long they will stay.

Occasionally the mother squirrel will leave for food but never for a long time. The squirrels will use the same hole to exit as they used to enter. Covering this entry point will cause squirrels still in the attic to panic and create new damage in an attempt to escape.

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Activity Patterns

Dusk and dawn are when squirrels are most active. Early in the morning and later in the evening, you’ll hear the most movement. Squirrels will leave the attic during the day as the temperature rises. During this time, they will forage for food and bring supplies back to their young in the nest (attic). During the summer, attics heat up quickly and become unbearably hot.

More Noise = Cooler Temperatures During the cooler months, you may notice a lot more noise. The most common noises are scurrying, scratching, and chewing. Chewing is the most hazardous because it can compromise your home’s structural integrity and cause a fire hazard. Gray Squirrels will work diligently and try to go undetected as much as possible.

What To Do If You Hear Squirrel Activity?

If you suspect squirrels are using your attic as a nesting place, contact a wildlife removal company. It’s advised to have professionals remove the rodents because an inexperienced homeowner conducting the removal may make mistakes resulting in costly repairs. The pros at animals happen pest removal have the proper tools and experience to completely eradicate any wildlife infestation.