What Happens If A Skunk Infestation Goes Undisturbed?

Photo of a striped black and white skunk

Skunks will dig tunnels and dens beneath structures such as sheds, decks, and concrete foundations. These burrows can jeopardize the structural integrity of homes and businesses, but they can also provide access to the interior. If the skunks are left to do as they will, they can cause mass amounts of damage to your home’s foundation.

The odor left behind by a skunk’s spray is difficult to remove and can cause damage to furniture, flooring, and paint. If a skunk makes its home under a deck, pets are at risk of being sprayed. The strong odor will remain until the skunks are relocated away from your home.

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Where Do Skunks Create Their Burrows?

Skunks may choose to make their dens under decks, porches, and sheds rather than using the abandoned holes of other burrowing pests. Adult skunks use dens to give birth to their young in the spring and to avoid cold weather in the winter. Skunks, typically solitary animal pests, can congregate in these makeshift homes during the winter, sometimes with as many as 20 individuals living together. These pests have been known to use rock piles, woodpiles, and crawl spaces under houses.

What Damage Will Skunks Create?

Many people are more concerned about a skunk’s pungent odor, which can linger for a long time. However, the stench isn’t the worst problem a skunk can cause. They can cause expensive property damage as well as pose some minor health risks. Therefore, homeowners must be aware of a skunk’s habits and know what to look for.

  • Lawn Damage: Skunks will dig in the lawn and garden for grubs, which will lead to lawn and garden damage.
  • Burrowing Habits: In the wild, the animal will burrow under trees, but it can burrow right under a foundation in urban settings, causing structural damage.
  • Chewing Habits:¬†They have been known to chew and claw through siding and wood.

How Is Skunk Damage Repaired?

A skunk’s presence emits an unpleasant odor, and their pungent spray can cause severe damage to both indoor and outdoor property. Animals Happen technicians specialize in eliminating these odors and repairing any damage to your property. They also repair damaged access points, such as foundation vent screens, in addition to soiled property.

Who To Contact For Skunk Relocation And Damage Repair?

As soon as you notice a potential skunk problem in or around your home, you should contact a professional skunk removal and damage repair service.

No matter how simple or complex your skunk problem is, Animals Happen’s pre-screened professionals have the knowledge and tools to solve it. The wildlife control professionals have been trained in skunk removal, trapping, and control techniques, as well as how to identify skunks and prevent future skunk damage to your home.