Will Moles Leave A Backyard On Their Own?

Picture of eastern mole foraging in grass

Insectivore moles consume 70-100 percent of their body weight in worms, grubs, and insects each day. Moles constantly excavate in order to hunt down their ground-dwelling prey, leaving behind a network of tunnels. This type of digging takes a lot of energy, which could explain the mole’s voracious appetite.

If the soil surrounding a home is abundant in grubs or worms, moles will stay forever or until the source of insects has been depleted. Many homeowners try to wait for the moles to eat up all the insects and leave. This will result in further damage and pile up the cost of repairs.

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When Do Moles Leave Their Tunnels?

A mole does not need to extend or leave its network once it has been dug, as long as there is a constant supply of prey – mostly earthworms, millipedes, centipedes, and beetles – falling in. However, moles are more common than you might think. A mole may come to the surface quickly when attempting to detour around an underground boulder or stonework in its path. When the ground is hard and prey is scarce in a drought, it may be looking for new food sources. Moles may be forced to flee due to cave-ins, flooding, or waterlogged soil. If your yard is abundant with pray, the moles may never leave. 

Do Baby Moles Stay In The Yard?

As they leave their mother’s territory, juveniles frequently resurface, leaving a fresh spoil heap with a telltale hole in the center. This is why there is an increase in molehills in the autumn. Long ridges may also be visible, pushed up by an animal moving just beneath the surface. If they can, moles will disperse this way, as it makes them less vulnerable to stoats, owls, and buzzards.

How To Get Moles To Leave Your Property?

The only proven way to eradicate moles from your lawn to have a pest control professional conduct the removal process. Mole removal products are not a reliable way to completely remove a mole infestation. A licensed wildlife expert can ensure that the moles have been completely removed and implement mole deterrents. Contact Animals Happen for any wildlife problems and regain control of your yard.