Will My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Rodent Control?

Picture of roof rat climbing tree

The majority of homeowner’s insurance policies exclude rodent damage and removal. Infestations and the damage they cause are usually classified as home maintenance issues, and the homeowner is responsible for any removal or repair costs.

If a rodent infestation causes additional damage, such as chewed-up wiring short-circuiting and causing a fire, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the costs. There are always exceptions, so check with your homeowner’s insurance provider to see what types of coverage your policy includes.

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Why Doesn’t Homeowner’s Insurance Include Rodent Removal?

The majority of rat or mice infestations, according to insurance companies, are caused by poor maintenance. The thought process is that infestations would not have occurred if the homeowner had taken proper care of their property. The terms “preventable damage” and “unexpected damage” are essential in determining whether or not pest damage is covered by insurance.

Insurance providers will take the stance that damage could have been avoided if the homeowner had taken reasonable preventative measures. One of the most important aspects of preventative damages is that they usually occur over time. A tree root growing into your foundation or a termite infestation invading your home are two examples. It is assumed that homeowners can predict the risk of rodent damage and take steps to prevent it.

When it comes to denying coverage, insurance companies typically take this stance, but there are some instances where preventable damage is compensated. Check your policy details or speak with a homeowner insurance agent to see if there are any exceptions.

What Wildlife Damage Will Insurance Cover?

If the rodent damage to your home is discovered as soon as possible and is not the result of neglect or poor maintenance, your homeowner’s insurance will most likely cover the costs. Let’s say you became aware of overhead sounds due to the rat infestation in your attic. After hearing those noises, you called Animals Happen (Wildlife Control Company), and it was later determined that you had rats. Your insurance may cover any damage caused by those rats.

In a different scenario, if those rats gnawed their way through pipes in your attic, causing flooding, your insurance is likely to cover the costs. Another situation that may be covered is if rodents damage pipes connected to your fire sprinkler system, resulting in various problems. Your insurance should cover the damage. These situations are caused by events beyond the homeowner’s control and are most likely unrecognizable to the homeowner. However, each case is evaluated on its own merits, and the specifics will undoubtedly play a role in determining coverage.

What Should The First Step Of Rodent Removal Be?

At the first sign of rodents in the home, contact wildlife control experts right away. As stated above, homeowner’s insurance will not cover rodent damage because regular maintenance ‘should’ prevent infestations. If you take care of your property and have the rodents removed right away, it’s more likely that your insurance provider will reimburse you. Of course, we cannot guarantee that they will cover the costs, but from our experience, that is the best course of action.