Is Mole Damage Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance?

Image of shrew mole foraging

Homeowners should stay on top of potential mole damage and always take measures to prevent costly damage. Most insurance companies will refuse to cover damage if they believe the house has been neglected or that damage has gone unnoticed. For example, if a mole begins digging in your yard and you ignore it, only to discover later that the mole dug around gas pipes, causing a leak, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the damage. Similarly, if you notice a gas smell coming from your yard and do not report it to the gas company, not only is it dangerous, but any damage or repairs are unlikely to be covered.

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Do Any Insurance Policies Cover Mole Damage?

Generally, smaller animals such as moles or rodents are not covered in insurance policies. Just like rodents, mole damage is considered a preventative maintenance issue. This means that it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to keep their property in favorable conditions. Mole damage can typically be founded before a large amount of damage has occurred. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to recognize a potential infestation and take the necessary steps to have the moles removed from their property.

Every insurance policy is different, and mole damaged may be covered, but the only way to find out is by contacting the insurance provider. Contacting a wildlife removal company may help you understand what could be covered. Of course, the insurance provider has the final say, and you should contact them for the most accurate answers.

Mole Damaged That Occured Before The Purchase Of A Home

There are also times when your homeowner’s insurance will pay your bills if animal damage was undetected before you purchased your home. If, for example, your home inspection failed to reveal that termites had eaten your floorboards and your kitchen collapses into your basement one day, your homeowner’s policy will most likely cover the damage. You will most likely not be covered if you did not have a home inspection or if you ignored your home inspection.

How To Find Out If The Damage Is Covered?

Taking action as soon as damage is detected provides the best chances of an insurance company covering the cost of removal or repairs. If the issue is ignored, the insurance company will say the damage is not covered due to neglect. Once the damage is detected, contact wild animal control experts such as the technicians provided by Animals Happen. An animal removal specialist will be able to detect what animal is in your home, the damage that has occurred, and what it will cost for removal/repairs. Then contact your insurance provider with the outline of the damages and a quote. This process gives you the best chance of having mole damage covered because it shows the insurance companies that you didn’t neglect the situation.