Are Raccoons Digging In Your Yard?

Image of raccoon in backyard

Like various other pests, Raccoons can be a real pain in the neck for homeowners and their lawns. Property damage is often a repercussion that many people face, especially when dealing with raccoons digging holes in your yard, whether an animal is scavenging for food in the soil or simply searching for a new area to call home.

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Why Do Raccoons Dig?

Raccoons can eat your garden plants and dig up your lawn. They are primarily interested in food, which is why they are invading your yard. They will most likely dig in your lawn in search of insects and plants to eat. They usually prey on larval insects, which is why your lawn may have small individual holes.

Raccoons usually dig only at night. It may be difficult for you to notice them digging holes in your lawn due to this. If you are unsure of what animal is digging up your lawn, set up a camera overnight to observe the culprit. 

What Are The Raccoons Digging For?

There are a lot of grubs in your lawn, which is why it’s being dug up. Raccoons and other animals eat the larvae stage of a beetle, which provides a rich protein source.

Drying grass and the appearance of brown spots in the lawn are two of the most common symptoms of grubs in your lawn. Raccoons are likely expanding their territories if you notice these spots growing in size.

Brown heads and white or grey bodies distinguish the grubs. Raccoons are always attracted to them, which can result in a lot of damage to your lawn. They’re likely to eat the grass in these areas, so you’ll need to take action to keep the raccoons away from your house.

Like most animals that dig up your lawn, Raccoons are looking for worms, insects, and grubs. You most likely have a grub problem if animals are digging up your lawn.

How To Prevent Raccoons From Digging In Your Lawn?

The only way to stop raccoons from digging is to eliminate the insects that they are digging for. Contacting a wild animal control company to perform grub treatment on your lawn is the most efficient option. Insect removal pros know the best products and practices to eliminate the grubs quickly. At-home products may be cheaper, but they’re not as effective or efficient as an experienced wildlife expert. Contact Animals Happen for the best grub removal options.