Where Can Opossums Infest A Home?

Picture of opossum trapped in humane cage

Opossums will make their homes anywhere that is dry, sheltered, and safe, which is why they are commonly found inside attics and crawlspaces and underneath sheds and decks on both residential and commercial properties.

Opossums do not store food during the winter because they have little fat on their bodies and instead forage for food all year. If opossums infest your home, they can be seen coming and often going in search of food.

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How Do Possums Enter Attics?

With their opposable thumbs and prehensile tail, opossums are excellent climbers and will quickly gain access to your roof. They won’t tear a hole open like raccoons, but if there’s an opening, like an eave gap or an unscreened vent, they’ll walk right in.

Opossums in attics are most common in attics during one of two seasons. The first is when female opossums give birth in the spring. Possums are marsupials, so their young begin in a pouch and then cling to their mother’s back as they grow. The female possum prefers a safe place to stay and raise her young, and an attic is ideal.

You’ll have to deal with babies if you come across an opossum in the attic in the spring. They frequently abandon the mother and wander around, and unfortunately, they occasionally fall down wall cavities from the attic and become stuck. If that’s the case, wildlife control professionals will have to cut through the wall to free them.

How Can Opossums Get In Crawlspaces?

Outside your home, look for cracks and crevices, holes, crawl spaces, tampered openings in the foundation, or tampered vents, as well as possible harborage areas. Opossums will utilize gaps in fencing and decks to gain access to crawlspaces. Once inside, they will construct nests and begin to reproduce.

How To Prevent Opossum Infestations?

Because opossums do not build their own nests, they are constantly on the lookout for good hiding spots where they can rest and avoid predators. Your attic, basement, and crawl spaces are all ideal locations for this, and having an opossum set up camp so close to your house can be a nightmare. Opossum control experts can inspect your property and identity any weak points that possums may utilize. Once identified, entry points are sealed using nuisance animal-proof materials that will protect your home for years. Contact Animals Happen and opossum-proof your home before they find their way in!