How Much Damage Can Armadillos Cause?

Image of nine banded armadillo foraging

Armadillos are most destructive when they’re digging, whether they’re searching for food or burrowing underground for shelter. Wildlife removal technicians can determine the best control option by identifying areas of damage.

The following are some of the most common armadillo damages:

  • As a result of burrowing, cracks appear in sidewalks, driveways, and building foundations.
  • Burrowing under or next to structures, sidewalks, brush piles, low-lying shrubs, or other covers
  • 3-5″ wide and 1-3″ deep holes are dug throughout the lawn, uprooting plants and seedlings
  • Damage to underground pipes or wiring

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How Is Armadillo Damage Prevented?

The best way to prevent armadillo damage is to armadillo proof your home. If the critters have already infested your lawn, it’s time to request the help of wildlife control professionals.

Because armadillos eat invertebrates in the ground, removing the food source causes them to look for food elsewhere. However, eliminating all insects, worms, and grubs from the soil and vegetation may not be feasible and may be harmful to the plants and other life forms in the area.

Nuisance armadillos can be caught using baited live traps. Humane traps are placed near damaged areas and high traffic points for the most effective results. All armadillos are live-trapped and humanely relocated far away from the property.

Armadillo Control & Damage Repair

Armadillos can do a lot of damage to your lawn and garden. Fortunately, Animals Happen’s pre-screen wildlife professionals can implement several prevention methods to keep armadillos out of your yard or garden. Trapping armadillos and enclosing yards or gardens with fencing is the most common method of armadillos control. Strong and unpleasant odors can also be used to drive armadillos out of their burrows in the yard or garden. Wildlife control experts can also assist in filling burrows in your yard and repairing any damage created by the critters.