How Much Does Professional Bee Removal Cost?

Photo of honey bee colony

The average cost of removing a beehive is $75 to $150, with more complicated jobs costing up to $800. In addition, a structural infestation (inside a wall) can be very costly, costing anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 in repair and reconstruction costs. The total cost will be determined by the size, accessibility, and location of the beehive.

Bees are both a nuisance and a necessity, which makes eliminating them a difficult decision. Bees are responsible for the reproduction of many of the foods we eat as pollinators. Bee stings, on the other hand, are painful and, in some cases, fatal. So if you’re worried about a bee colony on your property, eradication isn’t the only option. It’s possible and less expensive to hire a beekeeper to remove and relocate the colony.

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How Is The Cost Of Bee Removal Determined?

The size of the infestation and the location and type of bee being removed can affect the cost of removal. Depending on the size of the infestation, you’ll pay anywhere from $80 to $2,500, as different levels of infestation necessitate different amounts of labor and resources. For example, a small infestation may involve a nest or two in the home or along the overhangs of the house’s exterior. In contrast, a severe infestation will almost certainly include bees in your home’s walls.

Why Is Bee Control Not Free?

Bee removal can be both costly and dangerous. Bee removal technicians risk falling (removing hives while on ladders) and being stung from unmanaged colonies. In addition, it entails expenses such as hive equipment, gas, time, and insurance.

Furthermore, most local beekeepers don’t make money from wild bees. Most hives are placed for free in community gardens to benefit local communities.

The colony that needs to be removed from your home will not be moneymakers. If the colony decides to leave for a better hive location, the cost of the hive equipment and the time involved may be lost. A colony must also produce enough honey for a harvest, which is not guaranteed, especially in times of drought and scarcity.

Can I Save Money By Conducting Bee Removal Myself?

The removal of live bees is not a job for the inexperienced. In fact, an inexperienced bee removal technician runs the risk of injuring the bees and causing property damage. Not to mention that many people who are new to bee removal fail to remove all of the honeycombs, resulting in a future influx of bees and other critters.

Always hire a live bee removal company with experience, client testimonials, and a reputation for exceptional service if you want your bee problem solved the first time correctly. Keep in mind that the necessary training and equipment to do the job correctly are both costly!