Where Do Wildlife Technicians Take Skunks After Removal?

Photograph of a striped skunks face

Once skunks have been captured in a live trap, wildlife experts transport at least 30 miles away from the infested property. That may seem far, but it’s necessary because they will return to their den site (your home) in released nearby. Many homeowners ask, why don’t you kill the skunks? The simple answer to that is that it is cruel and unfair. The skunks were just looking for a safe place to den and raise their young. As with all wildlife control services, Animals Happen encourages the humane relocation of wildlife to keep local ecosystems intact.

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Are Skunks Killed During The Removal Process?

Animals Happen in wild animal control that is both humane and effective. For example, to safely and effectively remove any skunks from your home, wildlife experts use a combination of live traps and baits. Skunks will be relocated 30+ miles away from your home once captured. There the animals can continue their lives in an environment better suited for wild animals.

Why Is Humane Wildlife Trapping Important?

Before you get mad at a skunk for invading your home, keep in mind that you technically invaded the animal’s habitat first. A skunk has no personal grudge against you and took advantage of your unused crawl space to find shelter. Skunks, like all animals, play a vital role in your local ecosystem. We understand that role and only provide wildlife technicians that perform humane wildlife control techniques. Animals Happen has both the safety of homeowners and wildlife in mind at all times.

Who Can Humanely Relocate Skunks?

Most people find the thought of controlling skunks repulsive. Just the prospect of being sprayed is enough to make you contact a skunk professional for skunk control services. The truth is that limiting the amount of skunk damage these animals can cause requires an expert with experience and training.

If you are concerned that a nearby skunk may cause odor problems for you or your pets, you should consider skunk control services from Animals Happen. Our nuisance animal control professionals have been dealing with skunks and the damage they cause for decades and know how to get rid of them as quickly as possible.