How Can Opossums Damage My Home?

Picture of opossum on street

In the United States, only a few nuisance wildlife species are as large and destructive as the opossum. The type of damage they cause will vary depending on whether they have made their way underneath the house or into the attic, and both of these scenarios are possible because they are such good climbers. It’s critical to respond quickly to an opossum infestation because the damage they can cause can add up quickly.

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What Kind Of Attic Damage Is Caused By Possums?

If the opossum has made it into the attic, it will have enlarged the entry holes it has discovered to make them easier to fit through, and some opossums will even dig new holes so that they can have multiple entry points. It’s critical that these holes are repaired as soon as possible, or else more opossums will find their way into the area.

Even though they are not rodents and do not have continuously growing front teeth, they still gnaw. Wires are especially vulnerable because the protective plastic casing is often thin and easily damaged by the sharp teeth, which can easily shear through the cables.

How Can Opossums Damage Your Home’s Exterior?

In search of food, opossums will dig up the sod, turf mulch piles, pine straw, wood chips, and just about any other ground cover in your yard. Remember that insects are food for them. Grubs are one of their favorite foods. If your lawn has not been treated for grub, insects will reproduce and nest in your plants and soil.

Raccoons and opossums both have excellent senses of smell and will detect any insect population living and breeding in or around your yard. They will begin to dig up grass, pull back sod, and tear up mulch once they detect insect activity. Grubs, crickets, ants, millipedes, grasshoppers, slugs, termites, boxelder bugs, bees, yellowjackets, earwigs, roaches, pillbugs, and just about anything else that might be living in or around your yard are all in their diet.

An Opossum’s Harmful Feces And Urine 

Opposum, like any other wild animal in urban areas, has feces that can stink up your yard and cause a foul odor. The waste contains a lot of harmful substances that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Tapeworms, for example, can be transmitted to a human’s body, not to mention their virus-infested urine.

The worst part is that licking these parasites by other animals, such as your cat or dog, can cause them to enter the intestine and grow into diseases. The parasitic worms that cause some of these diseases in other wild animal species can be found in the feces of opossums.

Who Provides Opossum Damage Repair?

Opossum damage often requires the skills of wildlife repair professionals to restore attics and crawl spaces to their previous condition properly. Wildlife technicians will identify all damage caused and construct a damage repair and decontamination plan. After the animals have been removed from the attic urine covered insulation, chewed wires, and foundation damage is often discovered.

Skilled nuisance animal technicians thoroughly clean infested areas and restore the area to safe conditions. Homeowners receive piece of mind that their health is secure when they rely on wildlife repair professionals.