What Is Attracting Armadillos To My Property?

Image of texas armadillo species

Armadillos dig to find insects to eat or create a hiding place in case of predators or humans. Many people become irritated by Armadillos digging holes in their yards regularly, and they begin to regard them as a nuisance. If a property is full of shrubs and insects, an armadillo infestation will likely occur. Poorly maintained lawns are full of grubs, which is a preferred meal of armadillos. One or two armadillos will tunnel through the entirety of a yard in order to eat every last grub. If your lawn’s soil is insect-free, armadillos will move on to find a better food source.

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What Do Armadillos Eat?

Insects and their larvae account for more than 90% of the armadillo’s diet. Armadillos also eat earthworms, scorpions, spiders, and other invertebrates. The species has been observed eating berries and tender roots in leaf mold, larvae, and pupae in carrion. Skinks, lizards, tiny frogs, and snakes, as well as their eggs, are among the vertebrates eaten by armadillos to a lesser extent.

What Is Armadillo Exclusion?

Exclusion, also known as Armadillo proofing, is the only way to prevent these animals from entering yards. Armadillo control technicians locate every possible entry point and seal it with animal-proof material that they won’t be able to pull, chew, push, or bust through.

To keep nuisance wildlife out, nuisance wildlife professionals only use metal or concrete deterrents, and most prevention devices come with a warranty. Underground fencing and the elimination of armadillo attractants are frequent armadillo exclusion strategies.

How To Prevent Armadillos From Destroying My Lawn?

The cost of armadillos destroying lawns and yards is enormous. Armadillos will tunnel in your lawn in an attempt to get to insects and larva just beneath the fax layer of your lawn. The best option to prevent armadillo activity is to be proactive and remove anything that may attract the creatures to your home. Nuisance wildlife technicians come with a trained eye that will identify attractants. Contact Animals Happen to schedule a home inspection and allow a nuisance animal professional to make alterations to your property that will aid in the prevention of armadillos.