There are to species of fox native to Georgia, Red Fox and Grey Fox.

Red Fox are dog-like in appearance, with an elongated pointed
muzzle and large pointed ears that are usually erect and forward.  It
has moderately long legs and long, thick, soft body fur with a heavily
furred, bushy tail.  They weigh about 7.7lbs to 15.4lbs with males on
average 2.2lbs heavier than females.

The red fox prefers open country with moderate cover.  Red foxes
have also demonstrated their adaptability by establishing breeding
populations in many urban areas of the United States..

Red foxes sometimes kill more than they can eat and bury food in
caches for later use.

Grey Fox weigh 7 to 13lbs and measure 32 to 45 inches from the
nose to the tip of the tail.  The color pattern is generally
salt-and-pepper gray with buffy underfur. The sides of the neck, back
of the ears, legs, and feet are rusty yellow. The Tail is long and bushy
with a black tip

Grey foxes are more predominate in southeast Ga .  They prefer more
dense cover such as thickets, and swamp land.  They can also be
found in urban areas.

Foxes are opportunists, feeding mostly on rabbits, mice, bird eggs,
insects, and native fruits.  Foxes pray on animals smaller than a rabbit,
as well as fawns, pigs, kids, lambs, and poultry.  The fox’s keen hearing,
vision, and sense of smell aid in detecting prey.  Foxes stalk even the
smallest mice with skill and patience.  The stalk usually ends with a
sudden pounce onto the prey.  All Foxes feed on carrion ( animal
carcasses) at times.