North American Bats

Bats. The mention of those winged rats bring fear of blood loss and vampires. Though Vampire bats do exist, there are none in our part of the world. But blood sucking isn’t the only thing to be feared or cautious of when dealing with bats. Their droppings provide a perfect breeding ground for a fungus that causes a disease known as histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a serious disease and should not be taken lightly. It could result in death. Histoplasmosis isn’t the only disease one should be wary of when dealing with bats. Bats are carriers of rabies. When bats are roosting in town, anyone who might disturb them is at risk. Bats also carry ticks, mites, fleas, and bat bugs. Urine crystallizes and stains the lumber of their roosts. Bats are extremely noisy creatures. Especially before dusk and at dawn. And boy do they STINK!!!! There are sixteen species of bats in the state of Georgia.


Bats belong to the biological order of Chiroptera. The bat families found in North America are Vespertilionidae, Molossidae, Mormoopidae and Phyllostomidae.