Skunk Control: Frequently Asked Questions

Picture of nuisance skunk

Skunks often cause expensive damage and produce nasty odors when they invaded crawlspaces and burrow underneath decks. Animals Happen has created a master list of the most frequently asked questions regarding skunk control. Follow along below for a better understanding of skunk control services.

Why Are Skunks Around My Home?

Skunks are drawn to residential areas because they provide shelter, water, and food. Skunks are nocturnal, solitary, and rarely travel long distances. Sheds and crawlspaces are common nesting spots for skunks because they provide protection from predators and are near food sources such as gardens and garbage cans. Understanding what attracts skunks can aid homeowners in the skunk prevention process.

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How To Remove And Relocate Skunks?

The only way to ensure humane, safe skunk removal is to contact a wildlife control expert to remove the critters. If you notice any signs of skunk activity, call Animals Happen for skunk¬†removal services as soon as possible. Due to the difficulty and skill required to relocate skunks, it’s recommended that trained professionals only perform skunk removals.

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Where Do Wildlife Professionals Take Skunks After Removal?

Many people find the thought of controlling skunks repulsive. However, just the prospect of being sprayed is enough to make you contact a skunk professional for skunk control services. Once skunks have been captured in a live trap, wildlife experts transport at least 30 miles away from the infested property. If you are concerned that a nearby skunk may cause odor problems for you or your pets, you should consider skunk control services from Animals Happen.

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Will Skunks Leave On Their Own?

Skunks dig tunnels and dens beneath structures such as sheds, decks, and concrete foundations. If the skunks are left to do as they will, they can cause mass amounts of damage to your home’s foundation. The odor left behind by a skunk’s spray is difficult to remove and can cause damage to furniture, flooring, and paint. Animals Happen’s pre-screened professionals have the knowledge and tools to eradicate a skunk problem before it gets out of hand.

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Will Homeowner’s Insurance Pay For Skunk Removal?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover damage to your home caused by wild animals. Most insurance providers won’t cover wildlife damage if it could have been avoided. If you notice chew marks, droppings, or any other signs that an animal is living or visiting your home, seek professional assistance right away. The longer you wait to address the issue, the worse it will become, and the less likely your insurance provider is to cover the costs.

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Are Skunks Dangerous To Have Around?

Skunks are the most common rabies carriers in the Midwest. If you have skunks on your property, don’t let your dogs or cats loose, and don’t attempt to capture them. If you suspect a rabid or sick skunk has infested your property, contact wildlife control professionals to remove the nuisance animal safely.

Skunks can also destroy your vegetable gardens, fruit trees, lawns, and garbage cans. They also burrow to construct nests. This is dangerous when they dig underneath buildings because it will cause weak points in the structure’s foundation.

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How Much Does Professional Skunk Removal Cost?

Skunks often make their homes beneath porches or steps because they provide a safe, warm environment in which to raise their young. Some people think they can save money and trap animals themselves, but the problem is, what will you do with the skunk after it’s been trapped? That’s why it’s quicker and cost-efficient to hire wildlife trapping professionals.

The removal cost will depend on the nest location, the number of skunks, and how much damage has been done. A simple removal will be fairly affordable compared to a full service, including removal, decontamination, damage repair, and skunk-proofing.

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Need Help With Another Concern?

Animals Happen’s pre-qualified technicians have seen all types of skunk problems in their years of wildlife control experience. Please contact us to speak with one of our wildlife removal specialists if you have a concern that we haven’t addressed. They will be able to walk you through the removal process and advise you on the best methods for dealing with your specific skunk infestation. Call us at 833-633-1120.