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Bat Control Services

picture of hand captured bat There are numerous services in NC that offer home solutions for humane Pittsboro bat removal, guano cleanup, proofing, and control. If you take time to check out the different services that handle North Carolina wildlife control, you will realize not all services are close to being equal and few have the extensive training needed to properly solve your issues. Just make sure, no matter which company you choose, they offer full services, start to finish, which includes a plan to seal your home to make sure it’s bat proof so future bats trying to gain entry can not get inside creating a new infestation. Never take exclusion work or preventative measures into your own hands, without proper training you could make the situation severely worse, putting your family and home in danger. Bat control in Pittsboro, NC can be expensive and rightfully is, because the skills and experience needed are highly specialized and take extensive training and certifications.


Getting Rid Of Bats In The Attic

image of bat in homeIdeally, you not only want to remove bats from your attic, property or business but also bat droppings. Bat guano found in the attic of homes must be cleaned out. This can be a particularly arduous task.

Illegal removal during bat maternity season will likely guarantee that the pups die. Instead, contact a wildlife professional, NOT a pest control company to find out the best season for getting rid of bats from your attic space or building.

Locating Entry Points

Before starting the process, the entry points must be located.  Bats are easily identified, if there is one flying around your house, there are likely more in the attic. They like to sleep in tight corners and crevices so it can be very difficult to locate them. Due to the difficulty associated with finding them, and health risks associated with getting rid of bats, it is always advisable to hire a qualified humane professional to locate them.


bat inside Pittsboro NC homeMake sure your selected company offers complete inspections. You also need to determine that their bat exclusion practices are humane and will not compromise the safety of the animals. It’s not the fault of the bats that our homes aren’t built properly from the start and provide shelter and safety.


If you’re looking for bat proofing, find a company that offer a guarantee with home sealing. They will typically offer comprehensive removal and exclusion services that will get the bats out of the attic and keep them out for good. The services offered by the company should come with a guarantee so that you can rest assured that they will not get back into your house. Any gaps or cracks in your home, are like a neon sign to a pest looking for a place to live.


picture of bat guano (bat droppings)You should try to locate points of entry by searching for grease marks or staining around openings or droppings. Broken or loose shingles or roof tiles, loose flashing or siding, ridge vents, cracks and crevices are all common points of entry. You’ll want to make sure all these entry points are sealed PROPERLY.

Removing and preventing bats from entering your home can be extremely difficult. It is always advisable to seek the assistance of a trained professional to ensure they are eliminated effectively and permanently.

There are many different things to consider when it comes to proofing your home after getting rid of them from the home. Bat-proofing is essential if you plan on investing the time, energy or money on the initial process of ridding them from the attic. No matter the scenario, exclusion must be done if bats in the attic are present.


bat with rabies in PittsboroA larger problem with having bats in your house is the strong, unpleasant odor that results from the droppings-called guano, which they leave below their roosting spot. Depending on the species, you can either have a solitary big brown bat or an entire bat colony. If a colony is living in your home, then there is a minimum of 30 or 40 leaving behind droppings on a daily basis. As the piles of guano accumulate, the odor can begin to permeate throughout your home. The odor of the guano is strong, but guano also carries a threat to your health that can be fatal. This threat is the histoplasma capsulatum spores that can cause histoplasmosis if inhaled.

Attic Clean Outs

The best way to remove contaminated insulation caused by bats or any wildlife for that manner is through an attic insulation vacuum that is specific to attic clean out services. The vacuum sits outside of the home with up to 150′ of hose attached. This hose is run from the exterior of the home to the inside of the attic through an open window or gable end. If the insulation is not of the loose fill variety then you must bag up the insulation by hand. Typically heavy construction bags work well for doing this. Once all of the insulation is bagged up and removed from the attic, we vacuum up any droppings left behind. Now the attic is completely removed of any damaged insulation or bat guano.

bat excluded from atticAfter the insulation is removed and the attic is sanitized it’s time to re-insulate the attic. Depending on the type of home will depend on which insulation we put back into the attic. Older homes typically we’ll use a cellulose because of the moisture in the attics. On new homes, we can use a batted or blown in fiberglass. Most attics these days require a value of R-49 to R-60. Meaning an attic should have 16-20 inches of insulation. Even if your attic does not need to be cleaned or restored after the bat exclusion process we are still capable of adding or replacing the insulation.

Although they are in fact an animal, they can not be taken out of a home by your local animal control in Pittsboro North Carolina. The animal removal that they deal with is strictly for domestic animals like cats and dogs, which we do not handle. We are a wildlife removal service that strictly offers solutions for North Carolina wildlife in the Triangle Area.

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