Will Insurance Cover The Cost Of Armadillo Control?

Image of 9 banded armadillo in North America

Property damage caused by things such as fire, bad weather, and burst pipes is covered by homeowners insurance, but what about damage caused by wild animals? Well, the answer isn’t so simple.

Insects and smaller mammals such as squirrels, mice, bats, armadillos, and raccoons cause property damage that is rarely covered. Damage to your personal belongings (such as furniture and appliances) is never covered. This type of situation is frequently regarded as property maintenance for which the policyholder is liable. Damage caused by your own pets is not covered under any circumstances.

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How To Get Armadillo Damage Covered By Insurance?

There is not any trick or shortcut to have any armadillo damage covered by insurance providers. The best course of action is to contact your insurance company at the first sign of any damage to your property. They will walk you through your coverage and will be able to tell you what is included in your coverage. It will also help to ask which insurance plans cover wildlife damage.

Is Armadillo Control An Expensive Service?

The majority of armadillo control projects involve trapping and removing the critters using live cage traps. This procedure necessitates a few service visits and relocation trips or euthanasia fees, if necessary. If the armadillos have made their way into your home or are located in a hard-to-reach spot, removal costs will rise due to the difficulty and time required to remove the armadillos. Contact a wildlife control company at the first evidence of armadillo activity to prevent an expensive removal.

Who Should I Call First When Armadillos Are Found In My Yard?

The very first phone call needs to be to a wildlife removal expert. Insurance companies often refuse coverage if they believe wild animal damage has occurred due to negligence or improper maintenance. If you can show your insurance provider that the damage occurred randomly, they will be more likely to cover removal and damage repair costs. If you need help removing any wild animal from your home, contact Animals Happen right away.