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Lisle, IL

Yellow Jacket Removal

If you’re looking for professional pest control services for stinging insect exterminator in Lisle, you have come to the right place. Yellow jackets are one of the most common types of stinging insects that cause issues. Yellow jacket removal is typically necessary due to the fact that yellow jackets like to nest in crevices around homes, this combined with their aggressive nature its not long before a child or pet is stung alerting that there is a problem. Luckily our stinging insect treatments in Lisle, IL are fast and safe for these situations.

Bald-Faced Hornet Removal

Now what if you are faced with a larger problem. Such as a basketball sized nest in a tree of bald-faced hornets. Nests like these are very common and surprisingly as large as they are, many times they go unnoticed until someone gets stung. This is an extremely aggressive species of stinging insects and can seriously hurt or even kill an individual that unknowing aggravates the colony. Hundreds of hornets along with larvae are contained within the paper housing. There is typically a main opening used however there are also other exit holes, these holes can be dangerous when trying to self treat a problem yourself. You may know by now, store bought bug spray is not strong enough to handle issues of this size. If you are in need of bald-faced hornet removal Lisle call us today, we can help.

Stinging Insect Treatments

picture of bald faced hornet wasp removal LisleOur yellow jacket services are done with a number of treatment options, from dust to fog and sprays we have several options for any scenario. As yellow jackets can nest in old chipmunk dens, gaps in siding and soffits, vents, attics and almost any other void there is no one solution fits all for these stinging insects, especially yellow jackets. Stinging insect programs typically done in the early morning or late afternoon as most are within the nest at this time making for a faster overall process. Bald-faced hornet removal is a little different in the aspect of treatment approach. Our system is is same for all, which is a 2 part system we have found the most effective amongst all other treatments. If you are in need of help call today. Our turnaround time is less than 24 hours from time of call in and typically less than 12.

Humane Honey Bee Relocation

Honeybees cause problems in walls of homes that present a few issues. Honey can destroy drywall by molding or softening the material if not constantly cooled by the bees wings. Honey bee relocation should be done by safely and humanely removing the honey bees and extracting the honeycombs.
image of carpenter beeOpposed to wasp and hornet situations where extermination is a must as they possess a powerful sting and can severely hurt people especially children. No matter what your needs, we provide professional and effective solutions for removing wasps & bees for good. Call today for quality and effective stinging insect solutions. We provide emergency removal as well for situations that can not wait another day.

Carpenter Bees

Our services have a 3 month guarantee against re-infestation. In the case of carpenter bees, allowing the problem to persist will only further the damages to the wood around your property as they continually drill and excavate holes. We can also seal and patch holes of carpenter bees one we have solved the issue successfully. Call us today for professional carpenter bee removal if you see holes appearing in the wood around your property. 

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