How to Use One-Way Exclusion Funnels To Remove Bats without Trapping Them

One-Way Exclusion Funnels To Remove Bats

Bats are creatures that no one wants them in their homes. The bats are vile looking creatures and carry multiple diseases and parasites. The bats pose to severe health risk when you get into contact with them that is dangerous for you, the family members and pests.

The Right Option Available to You

If bats are present in your attic or any other enclosure in your home, you can use different ways to remove them. The perfect one to use is an exclusive one-way funnel that enables to eliminate the bats while not trapping or getting into contact with them. When you buy the conduit, you need to identify the specific place where the bats use to gain access to your house. Going around your home will help you to get the place that provides access for the bats as well as where they are living. If you find them in the walls, attic and other areas like this, the most cause can be a crack n the siding, a loose board, or a hole made by another animal.

When you come across one entryway of the bats, you require continuing with search everywhere outside. If you identify many accesses, you should close up all except one. Using caulk and adding steel wool is the best when closing the holes since the bats cannot reopen that area. In the remaining opening, you need to attach the funnel to your home side. Ensure that you place the more significant part of our residence. In this, the bat will not be able to get back to the home once it goes down to the funnel.

The next step you need to do is scaring the bats out of the wall or attic of your house. You can do this using light and noise. Since bats are nocturnal animals, they get scared by the bright glow.  Ensure that you are using the flash when outside is dark. Placing the light in the attic when it is dark helps to crank the bats on. You should be careful to ensure that the bats don’t use the spot to enter into your significant part of your house. Playing loud music enables to startle the bats. The bats will go towards the exclusive funnel where there is dark thus they get out of your home.

When the bats get out, you need to shine a bright light on the spot of your house for the whole night to prevent the bats from returning. You should take off the funnel and ensure you close up the hole. This helps to solve your bats’ problem without getting into contact or trapping the bats.