How To Exclude Opossums?

Picture of wild opossum

Opossums are scavengers who will eat almost anything. They are attracted to garbage cans that are overflowing or odorous, uncovered compost heaps, and other outdoor containers. They prefer to live near water or in moist environments. If you live near a pond, drainage ditch, or sewer, you’re more likely to see opossums on your property.

Understanding what attracts opossums will aid in the effort to keep them away from your home. This includes trimming back bushes or trees, cleaning up debris, and securing trash bins.

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What Attracts Opossums In The First Place?

Opossums are creatures of opportunity who prefer to eat what is easy to come by. They can eat various foods, including fish, insects, birds, vegetables, garbage, crustaceans, rodents, dead animals, snakes, mushrooms, eggs with shells, grass, and all kinds of fruit because they have so many teeth. Rodents, worms, frogs, snails, and slugs are the most common food sources. Birdseed, nuts, berries, and even dry and canned cat and dog food will be consumed by these animals. Any source of these foods on your property will attract nuisance animals.

Some smells are particularly appealing to opossums. They are often attracted to cinnamon scents, so if you have any lingering in your yard, be prepared to welcome these animals.

Is It Possible To Prevent Opossum Infestations?

To reduce the likelihood of opossums creating their next home in your yard or attic, seal entrances to attics and garages, as well as areas such as garage doors and windows, attic vents, and gaps in walls or siding. Trimming overhanging tree branches and overgrown shrubbery keeps opossums from reaching roofs and attics.

Who Can Help Me Prevent Opossum Problem?

Burrows are dug under stairwells, stoops, decks, and sheds by opossums. Opossums carry fleas, and their burrows stink. Opossums are dangerous to your pets because when dogs attack them, they inflict serious bite wounds. When opossums intrude on your property, contact Animals Happen for humane opossum removal and relocation. Professional opossum control services include:

  • Complete wildlife infestation and damage inspection
  • Remove all opossums and other nuisance wildlife
  • Repair the opossum-caused damage
  • Decontamination Of Infested areasInstall barriers to keep opossums from returning