How To Prevent A Bat Infestation?

Bat proofing steel wire

In order to keep bats out of your attic, any potential openings need to be sealed with high-quality materials to prevent entry. Exterior vents or screens that are broken/torn also must be repaired because they provide easy access to attics. Caulk or expanding foam can be used to fill holes and cracks. Metal screens or flashing should be used to cover any openings.

Bats are unable to gnaw their way into buildings in the same way that rodents can. Make sure the vents and chimney caps are in good working order and must be repaired if damaged. These simple repairs will prevent bats from entering your home by sealing potential entrances.

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Who Can Bat Proof My Home?

The only way to keep bats from entering a building is to physically prevent them from getting in through holes, gaps, and cracks via bat-proofing.

Professional Bat Removal technicians provided by Animals Happen use custom exclusion devices that guarantee bat removal and prevention. Chemicals are not used because they are illegal and harmful to bats. The Bat Control Professionals pre-qualified by Animals Happen service all residential, commercial, and non-residential properties, including schools, churches, apartments, and arenas. If you are interested in learning more about bat exclusion or bat-proofing, give us a call!

How Much Does Bat Proofing Cost?

When bat-proofing a home, expect to pay at least $300, with an average of $400-$700. It varies depending on the job’s complexity and the materials required. If you’re looking for a rough estimate in your area, contact Animals Happen for more information.

Is It Too Late To Bat Proof If Bats Are Already In The Attic?

Homeowners often believe that bat-proofing won’t help if bats have already taken over their attics. Bat proofing won’t help remove the nuisance animals, but it will prevent problems in the future. Most homes require bat-proofing after an infestation because of damage and entry points created by the current invaders. If left unprotected other critters will utilize those weak points and gain easy access.