How Are Armadillos Excluded?

Photo of armadillo in the wild

Removing armadillos’ access to food sources is the most effective way to keep them off private property. Ant or termite colonies in residential areas should be eradicated, which can be a time-consuming process requiring the expertise of pest control professionals. Despite their ability to climb and burrow, armadillos can be kept out of yards and gardens by erecting outward-angled fences buried at least a foot into the ground.

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How Do I Prevent Armadillos From Entering My Lawn?

Armadillos are known for their extensive rooting and burrowing, which can cause damage to lawns and flowerbeds. Keep watering and fertilization to a minimum to prevent armadillo damage to your lawn. Earthworms and insect larvae are drawn to the surface of the soil by moist soil and lush vegetation. Watering areas adjacent to the damaged site can sometimes entice armadillos to leave. Also, watering gardens in the morning is preferable because the soil can dry out in the afternoon, and nocturnal armadillos are less likely to notice.

Armadillos can also be excluded through the use of underground fencing. Wildlife control experts install animal-proof materials underground to prevent the critters from burrowing into your lawn.

Who To Call From Expert Armadillo Prevention?

The bottom line is that preventing armadillos is a difficult task. Underground fencing and the removal of armadillo attractants help exclude the critters, but it cannot guarantee it. The only real solution is trapping and removal because no repellent will keep armadillos away. Excavation and the placement of directional barriers are frequently used in trap construction. Armadillos also leave a strong scent behind, attracting new armadillos who will try to dig in the same spot after their burrows have been filled in. Contact Animals Happen for an Armadillo expert that can keep the critters out for good.