What Are The Signs Of An Armadillo Problem?

Photo of armadillo emerging from burrow

The majority of armadillo damage is caused by their digging habits, which manifest as holes and burrows. Common signs of armadillo activity include:

  • Underground wires or pipes have been damaged
  • Plants and seedlings have been dug out
  • 3-5″ wide and 1-3″ deep holes throughout the lawn
  • A foundation that is cracked or a concrete sidewalk/driveway that is cracked
  • Sightings of armadillo tracks (4 toes on front feet, 5 toes on rear feet)
  • 7″-10″ diameter burrow entrances near or beneath structures, sidewalks, brush piles, or low-lying shrubs

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When Are Armadillos Most Active?

Start by looking at the right time of day if you’re looking for an armadillo. Armadillos, in general, are nocturnal creatures who are most active at dawn and dusk. By looking in the right place, you can also improve your chances of spotting one. Armadillos prefer open areas with brushy undergrowth to hide in, as well as easy access to water. Check near backyard gardens, fruit trees, and less visited areas of your lawn.

How Often Do Armadillos Reproduce?

The female armadillo will give birth to one to twelve young in a birthing burrow after a two to five-month gestation period. Birthing burrows often extend to fifteen feet wide.

Young armadillos are commonly referred to as pups. Pups grow up quickly. They are weaned between the ages of two and four months. The young armadillos are mature and ready to have their own offspring by nine to twelve months. Armadillos can live for four to thirty years.

What Should I Do If I Find Evidence Of Armadillo Activity?

If you suspect that armadillos have created burrows in your lawn, contact a wildlife control company right away. Homeowners should never attempt to remove the critters on their own because the diseases these animals carry are spreadable to humans. People contract armadillo diseases when they are scratched or bitten.

Call Animals Happen at the first sign of an armadillo infestation. We will connect you with a local wildlife removal expert to inspect your property for any wild animals. If an animal is found, you will be provided with the most affordable and effective removal options.