What Is The Cost Of Possum Removal?

Photo of a wildlife removal pro relocating an opossum

The cost of removing all opossums and sealing their entry point ranges from $250 to $500. They, like raccoons, can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. To keep repairs to a minimum, it’s critical to identify and remove them using live trapping methods quickly. Removal and repair costs tend to increase if the opossum infestation is not dealt with right away. This is because the damage will pile up, and the opossums will reproduce if they found a suitable nesting location.

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What Determines The Cost Of Opossum Control?

The cost of possum removal varies greatly depending on the situation on your property. These factors include the extent of the possum infestation, the location of the possums, whether the possums have caused damage, the amount of work required to seal up the entry point, and whether the possums must be removed in multiple trips. For humane possum removal, extermination, and relocation, many states have specific rules and regulations that must be followed.

Is DIY Opossum Removal Possible?

Many homeowners believe that attempting possum removal themselves would save them some money. What they’re forgetting is the root of the problem is not being fixed. Opossum infestations are happening due to weak points located in the attic or crawl space. The initial cost of a professional opossum control service may seem pricey, but it ensures the animals’ long-term exclusion. Wildlife removal technicians can identify and repair damage used by all sorts of wildlife to access your home. Rather than removing animals from your home every few months, consult a wildlife control company to wildlife-proof your home.

Who Should I Contact For Affordable Opossum Removal?

Opossum removal and possum relocation regulations differ from state to state. Possums can only be removed during specific hunting and trapping seasons in some states. Animals Happen’s pre-qualified wildlife technicians are made up of local experts that have a strong understanding of their area’s rules and regulations. Give us a call to learn more about the rules regarding opossum removal in your city.