How Much Damage Can Moles Do?

Photo of mole damage to a lawn

Even though moles eat earthworms and grubs rather than plants, they can damage root systems and spread diseases among your plants and grasses. As they move around, they may inadvertently clog water sprinkler valves with displaced dirt. These damage types are costly and time-consuming to repair because they frequently occur as they move from tunnel to tunnel.

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What Damaged Is Caused By Moles Around The Home?

Mole damage is frequently confused with damage caused by gophers and voles, which live underground. The first step in winning the war with these underground destroyers is to figure out who you’re up against.

Moles’ burrowing habits can wreak havoc on grass, flower beds, and tree roots, destroying lawns and gardens. Mole tunnels are divided into two types: shallow and deep tunnels. Surface runways are created by shallow tunnels, while deep tunnels create surface mounds. Both cause unsightly damage that is difficult to overlook and have been known to drive otherwise rational people to extreme measures in their quest to get rid of moles in their yards.

What Is A Mole Mound?

Mole mounds are excrement from digging or repairing burrows. They are most commonly found where the animal is establishing new burrows or repairing damaged ones. Because moles burrow beneath the roots of trees or shrubs, the tunnel is supported by the roots, and molehills are uncommon in these areas. Even a dense population of moles may be undetectable because they are barely above the ground’s surface.

Mole mounds are frequently the only sign of the animal’s presence, and counting them may be the only sign of how many moles are in a given area.

How To Repair Mole Damage?

Unless you are an experienced landscaper or wildlife repair professional, fixing the damage left behind by mole tunnels can prove to be a difficult task. The tunnel can be anywhere from 6-12 in deep and will destroy any plants rooted nearby. Hiring mole removal experts to repair the damage will ensure that your property has been repaired properly and may even rescue your garden from death. Wildlife techs pre-screened by Animals Happen are well versed in mole removal and are able to assist in repairing damage caused by moles. Call us today with any mole damage problems or questions.