How Many Raccoons Typically Live In An Attic?

Photo of raccoon removed from Florida home

Adult raccoons live in loose communities of 4 to 5 raccoons to protect themselves from predators. Attics typically house a mother raccoon that is ready to give birth to her offspring. A mother raccoon typically produces a little between 3-4 but can birth up to 7 babies at once. The father raccoon will spend most of his time outside the nest but in some situations, may stay with his family. 

Most attics that are infested with raccoons have an average of 4 raccoons. The size of an infestation will depend on the time of the year and mating habits. 

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How Are Raccoon Families Formed?

With a few exceptions, adult raccoon males live solitary lives. They will form family units to mate and raise their children, and they will be able to stay with these communities for longer periods of time. Male raccoons spend most of their lives hunting and bringing food, except when competing for females and mating. If raccoons hunt together, they will have an easier time surviving harsh weather and a lack of food.

Raccoons live in family groups that grow and expand over time. The size of a raccoon family group varies depending on the mating cycle and the out crest’s survival. Also, these animals inbreed, and families grow as a result of their members mating and reproducing. Raccoon families can last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on how long they need to survive harsh winters. As male raccoons grow older, they will frequently leave these communities to expand their territory and hunt.

During the winter, raccoons prefer to live in groups. Raccoons are left to their own devices when faced with adverse weather conditions. Because food sources are scarcer during the winter, raccoons must band together to survive. Raccoons that live in groups also have an easier time finding shelter because they can cover a larger area faster than individuals. Raccoons will have an easier time finding suitable winter shelters as a result of this.

What Time Of The Year Are Baby Raccoons Born?

Raccoons mate in the late winter and have litters in April/May. But babies have arrived as early as March and as late as June. If a mother’s first litter is lost early in the season, a second litter may be born as late as July. However, this is a rare occurrence.

As a result, once March arrives, keep an eye out for any signs that raccoons may be trying to break into your attic, garage, shed, or under your deck. Despite this, the attic is still the most common location for them.

Raccoons live in the wild, but they actively seek warm places to build nests for their young. By far, the best option is your attic. It’s on a higher level, which means it’s safer from predators, has plenty of nesting materials, and has some built-in privacy.

How To Remove A Large Raccoon Infestation Of Raccoons?

A family of raccoons in the attic can cause serious damage and require removal as soon as possible. One raccoon can prove difficult to remove but a family of raccoons will require professional wildlife removal services due to safety concerns. A reputable wildlife control company provided by Animals Happen is equipped to remove a raccoon infestation of any size.