How Many Rodents Are In My Home?

Photo of common house mouse

If you see a rodent scurrying around, you may begin to wonder how many more are present that you are unaware of. A typical rodent nest will have 5 to 10 rats living in it. A social colony is formed when several nests are in close proximity to one another. If there is enough food to support the population, a colony can grow as large as 100 rats. Nests are used by both Norway and Roof rats to hide and raise their young.

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How Often Do Rodents Reproduce?

In warm climates, roof rats and Norway rats will frequently mate throughout the year. Norway rats can have 4 to 6 litters per year if they live long enough. Over the course of a year, they can have up to 20 children. Roof rats can have 3 to 5 litters per year and give birth to up to 40 rat pups if the environmental conditions are right.

Which Rodent Species Is Bigger, Mice Or Rats? 

The majority of people can tell the difference between a rat and a mouse simply by looking at the animal’s size. It’s challenging to distinguish between mice and rats when they’re in the infant stages of their lifecycle. On the other hand, mice are much smaller than rats, measuring between 12 and 20 cm compared to 40 cm for rats.

A mouse’s head is also much smaller in proportion to its body than a rat’s head. Mouse heads are small, sharply triangular, and have pointed noses, whereas rat heads are large, blunt, and chunky. In comparison to the size of their heads, rat ears are smaller than mouse ears.

Are You Unsure How Many Rodents Are In Your Home?

Only experienced rodent control technicians can estimate how many rodents are on your property. During the initial rodent inspection, experts will get a good idea of the size of the infestation by reviewing the number of droppings, the extent of chew mark damage, and physical sightings. If you want to curb your rodent problem before the population size gets out of control, call Animals Happen right away!