How Are Moles Entering Your Home?

Image of a mole commonly found around homes

Moles dig underground burrows and tunnels, and when they get close to the surface, they create dirt hills, hence the name molehill.

Moles burrow underground and have poor eyesight but an excellent sense of smell. They gnaw on plant roots, leaving the upper portion of the root exposed to the soil. If you touch a tree or bush, and it just pops up and out of the soil in your hand, you know you have moles.

Indoors, moles are rarely a problem. If your home has a large front or backyard, as well as a garden, you may be familiar with the damage that moles can cause. If you have a farm, moles may be attracted to some of your crops and vegetation, which can be very damaging.

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How Do Moles Get Into A House?

Though it is uncommon, some homeowners may discover moles in their homes. Moles can get into homes through foundation cracks near the soil line and damaged basement windows. This occurs when moles are digging tunnels near the home, and they accidentally find a way into the home. If the entry point is not sealed, other moles will use the previously constructed tunnels and find their way into your home.

If you notice a mole in your home, the best thing you can do is call a wildlife professional to have it removed safely and humanely. They’ll also look for baby moles and assist you in determining the source of the infestation.

Why Do Moles Tunnel Near Homes?

Moles can consume their body weight in earthworms in a single day and will tunnel furiously through your yard and landscape to feed and build burrows. An active mole can tunnel up to 15 feet in one hour, and what was once a smooth, flat surface could become a plot of dug-up dirt and grass. The soil near homes is often cared for and ends up providing everything a mole needs to survive. 

How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Home?

To humanly and completely eradicate moles from your home, contact a trusted wildlife removal company provided by Animals Happen. We partner with trained wildlife technicians who will assess your property, locate and mark active mole tunnels, and set the appropriate number of traps to remove moles from your landscape or lawn. A licensed professional should always handle wildlife removal. Allowing moles to ruin your property and cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs is not a good idea.