Home Remedies to Keep Away Bats and Get Rid Of Them

Home Remedies to Keep Away Bats and Get Rid Of Them

A large population of people lives in areas where the bats reside. The caves, trees provide an ideal location for the flying mammals. The bats can also search for other places of seclusion for living that involve the attic and other areas in your home. Since you would not want to have the bats in your home, you can take precautions to keep them away. There are many home remedies which you can consider to remove the bats although some may not be useful.

The Things Not to Try

The mothballs are a common choice that you can hear about. People can talk about on how useful the chemicals found in that product are. This can be useful, but you will need a large number of them to put in your attic for this to be successful. This can be time-consuming.

Other homeowners can also recommend you to utilize motion sensor which turns on the sprinklers. In this you require running the sprinkler system through the attic; therefore it is wastage of time. It’s useless since the bat search resides on your lawn.

Another method that people recommend is using cinnamon. This can be effective although the desirable way for applying is through pouring cinnamon in the colony.  You need to seek psychiatric help when approaching the territories. Since it is dangerous, using cinnamon is not the ideal option.

The Things to Try

The ideal method is appropriately sealing all the location that allows the bats to access in your house. First, you should check all around your home to ensure that there are no loose boards, holes or carjacks in the walls. A half an inch is enough for the bats to get through your house; thus you need to do a thorough check. Check at the shingles advent slants to ensure there are no gaps.

Using eucalyptus oil can also be helpful when removing the bats. In this, its fragrance annoys the bats; therefore they will get away from your home. This is perfect for using on your walls and outside your home by placing some drops of eucalyptus. One is supposed to add some oil to hat prayer you use when spraying insecticides around your house. You should spray it in your home and roof as this keeps the bats away.