Local Palm City Wildlife Removal Services

Think you may need professional Palm City wildlife removal services? Are you hearing scratching in the attic or the pitter-patter of feet running across the ceiling? Noise in the attic typically means trouble and if you are a homeowner, the wildlife control solution typically is more expensive the longer you wait. We offer professional solutions for wildlife in homes, attics, and animals causing property damage.

Nuisance wildlife refers to an animal or animals exhibiting behavior that:

  • causes (or is about to cause) property damage,
  • presents a threat to public safety, or
  • causes an annoyance within, under or upon a building.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Palm City Bat Removal and Exclusion

photo of bat in Palm City home

Bats in an attic can be a nightmare. Not only do bats cause structural damage with the accumulation of guano, but they also present health risks. It’s a well-known fact that bats are carriers of rabies and can transmit this fatal disease with an unnoticed scratch or bite. Did you know that bat droppings can also be a health hazard? Bat guano hold toxic spores called histoplasma capsulatum, that when inhaled can cause a lung infection called histoplasmosis.

Bat removal in Palm City Florida is typically done in a multi step process. First, we inspect the home to find all of the bat entry points as well as areas that are potential entry points. After all of the openings are located, a seal up is performed to funnel the bats down to only using the main entry points. At these points, bat excluders are placed, which are one-way valves that allow the bats to exit and not re-enter the structure.

Once the bats have been removed from the structure and the remaining opening are sealed up, any necessary guano clean up must be done. This is for multiple reasons. Mainly because of the health hazards involved with bat droppings and the dangers of sweeping them up or using a conventional vacuum to get rid of the guano. Another reason is that bat guano can weaken drywall and destroy attic insulation. If enough bat droppings have accumulated, the ceiling can come down from the weight and corrosion.

Palm City Bird Control and Nest Clean Up

picture of nuisance bird in Palm City

Nuisance birds can cause a mess that shocks the majority of homeowners. When professional bird control is needed, it is usually because birds have taken up residence inside of an attic or an exhaust vent. Since attics are seldom visited, attics can have unbelievable amounts of nesting that accumulates over years, many times filling several contractor bags when cleaned up. Bird nesting can carry bird mites, ticks, fleas, and parasites.

Bird removal from exhaust vents usually hits its peak around May and June. The most common species causing the need to get rid of birds from vents is blackbirds and starlings. These nuisance birds will clog vents and build nests in attics that can reach heights over 6 feet. Our Palm City bird control services include baby bird removal, deterrents, nesting cleanout, adult bird removal from vents and bird proofing to prevent future bird problems in vents and attics.

Many times, we find that birds also have attracted other nuisance wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels, causing an added problem. For this reason bird nesting must be removed from attic spaces because of the attractive odors that it holds. When clogged into exhaust vents, fire hazards present themselves.

If you have a bird problem and would like to know how to stop birds from nesting in vents or how to keep birds out of your attic give us a call. We offer complete solutions for bird removal in Naperville and have custom bird proofing that is second to none.

Palm City Squirrel Control and Prevention

photo of squirrel in Palm City

A few signs that you may have squirrels in your attic are the type of noises in the attic and the time that you are hearing the noise. Squirrels tend to move very quickly and will run back and forth, often even playing or fighting with one another. Since they are diurnal, squirrel activity is usually heard during the day.

One of the problems with squirrels in an attic is that since they are rodents they like to gnaw. Gnawing is often seen on support beams, insulation boards and the worst of all, wires. It is a known fact that 30,000 fires annually are attributed to rodents gnawing wires in attics.

Squirrels typically enter from the same common entry points, however like all wildlife, there can always be a surprise. Some of the most common entry points for squirrels is attic vents, attic fans, gnawed fascia boards, loose soffits and breached ridge vents.

Our Palm City squirrel removal process is typically done by either setting baited traps near the entry points or multi-catch traps right over their entry points to catch them as they enter or exit. Trapping squirrels in an attic will produce on average 3-5 squirrels, however, in some instances there can be many more or just a solitary squirrel.

Palm City Skunk Trapping and Proofing

image of skunk in Palm City

Nuisance skunks like to dig under sheds, decks, stoops and any other structure that can provide adequate cover. Skunk removal is usually the highest during baby (May-July) and grubbing season in the fall but typically lasts all year long as skunks do not truly hibernate.

The three main signs that homeowners typically noticed when a skunk has moved in is a large pile of gravel, grubbing holes in a lawn and of course, the smell. Skunk odor smells somewhat like burning due to the sulfur content that it has to temporarily blind predators that are in pursuit. Skunk odor will penetrate almost any material and is especially soaked up by concrete since concrete is very porous. The odor is usually sucked right into the home as soon as heat or air is turned on, making the entire home smell as if the skunk was inside the home. Concrete stoops are the number one den spot when it comes to skunks moving in, followed by sheds.

Our Palm City skunk trapping services are top notch, with many years of experience in conventional and unconventional trapping techniques. We can provide remediation for any skunk issue you are experiencing and provide skunk odor removal and skunk proofing as well once they have been removed.

To get rid of skunks for good, we provide underground steel barriers that prevent future digging underneath the structure. Unfortunately, once you have had skunks, the odors inside the den are now attractive to any skunk passing by, as skunk will take over multiple den sites.

We also provide dead skunk removal and skunk removal from window wells.

Palm City Raccoon Removal and Damage Repair

picture of raccoon in Palm City

Are you experiencing issues with problem raccoons? Raccoons can be problematic almost everywhere. From tearing through roofs to going under decks, sheds, and stoops to a den, they can be a real danger to a homeowner, pet owner or parent.

Our services range from raccoon trapping, baby removal from inside an attic or under a structure, carcass excavation, and raccoon feces removal. Raccoons can be extremely destructive, as you may know, they will tear a hole right through a brand new roof just to den inside, especially when its a mother with young.

Raccoon feces is also an issue aside from the damage as it carries a parasitic roundworm egg that has been known to make humans, pets and other animals blind when infected. We know the risks of handling raccoons and take precautions very seriously when dealing with a problem animal that has decided to den inside or under a home’s structure.

Our Palm City, FL raccoon trapping services are typically the same day, with the entire process lasting approximately a week before raccoon proofing can be done. Once we evaluate your needs, traps are set up near or over the entry point. Upon completion, we then place a marking indicator over the entry point to ensure no animals are coming in or out. If the indicator has been undisturbed for 3 days we then move forward with proofing and exclusion services.

Our services also cover dead raccoons that need to be dug out from a structure or cut out from behind walls. These occurrences are rare for a day to day services however, as with all wildlife issues, nothing is a surprise.

Palm City Snake Removal Services

image of copperhead snake in Palm City FloridaLooking for snake removal services in Palm City Florida? Snakes can be found in most backyards, parks, and woodlands throughout Florida. Many species are secretive, spending most of their time underground or under the cover. Active gardeners may occasionally see small ringneck, worm, red-bellied, brown, earth, and crowned snakes. None of these species are much bigger than a large earthworm and do not bite. Several larger snake species also frequent backyards, especially corn and rat snakes, as well as racers. These larger snakes will eat mice, rats, and occasionally birds and their eggs. Snakes often take refuge in piles of brush or firewood. Water snakes are occasionally found in areas bordering streams, lakes, swamps, or farm ponds.

Occasionally, snakes searching for rodents or eggs, or a place to shed their skin, will take refuge in barns, crawl spaces underneath homes, or sometimes in a home. The best way to keep snakes from entering your home or other building is to prevent snakes and snake food (rodents) from entering your home. Closing up all possible entrance locations is a must. Next, a rodent control program should be put in place to eliminate the food attraction for snakes. Venomous Snakes Of Florida

If you need professional help removing venomous snakes, call us right away!

What Our Wildlife Removal And Wildlife Control Experts Have To Say

Most wildlife animals in Palm City are having a difficult time looking for a proper place to make it as their own home. Wildlife animals in Palm City that are in residential and urban areas, such as bats, birds, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, snakes, are trying to blend in with the humans that are currently living in that area. These wildlife animals in Palm City usually search for places that qualify to call it their home. What they usually do is they burrow or nest on our homes. There are different places in the house that are very accessible to these wildlife animals in Palm City . Basements, the space between the walls, attics, and even under the porches, the wildlife animals Palm City consider these places that qualify and call it home.

Advantages Of Hiring A Wildlife Removal Expert

When can you say that you really need a Palm City wildlife removal, pest control and wildlife control company? There are a lot of indications when to call a Palm City wildlife removal, pest control and wildlife control, and it usually starts when you see different evidence around your house. The nesting of wildlife animals in Palm City, the scratching or squeaking you hear especially during the night, and the most common one is your garbage can have traces of being invaded. Do yourself a favor when you encounter these instances, call a wildlife removal and wildlife control company as soon as possible to avoid further damages these wildlife animals in Palm City can cause and can save you a ton of money.

For the past years that have gone, wildlife removal and wildlife control is steadily growing, becoming an industry that has gone popular dealing with wildlife animals in Palm City. The knowledge that some homeowners and landlords need to remove these wildlife animals in Palm City are sometimes becoming a burden. From snakes invading your garden, bats that are colonizing in the attics, raccoons rustling on your garbage, these are just some examples that the homeowners and landlords that have difficulty managing.

When you are having problems with wildlife animals in Palm City that are trying to take over your property, you should be expecting different situations will surface. You have to accept the possibility that these wildlife animals can intrude your houses and place of business. With this train of thought, the danger these wildlife animals pose is very real and can be hazardous to you, your family, and your friends. Time and time again it has been proven that hiring a professional wildlife removal and wildlife control company is the best move you can do to remove safely these wildlife animals in your property that can be risky when these wildlife animals are left alone. The professional wildlife removal and wildlife control company knows what to do when they remove the wildlife animals in your property. These wildlife removal and wildlife control companies follow certain laws that require them not harming the wildlife animals that have intrude your property. There is always an option that you can do, some basic measures to prevent these wildlife animals to keep them out.

There is a fear of encountering these wildlife animals in an urban area even if that neighborhood appears to only have domesticated animals like dogs and cats. The people living in this area completely agree with each other they do not want these wildlife animals freely roaming their neighborhood. These wildlife animals pose a threat to anyone living in the area especially to kids and homeowners that have pets they keep around their house. Knowing a good wildlife removal and wildlife control company should be a priority for emergencies like a wildlife intrusion. Taking these wildlife animals by yourself is a risk that nobody really wants to do. The best thing to do is to keep any information pertaining to these wildlife removal and wildlife control companies and save it for emergencies such as wildlife intrusions.

Most wildlife animals are having a difficult time looking for a proper place to make it as their own home. Wildlife animals that are in residential and urban areas, such as bats, birds, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, snakes, are trying to blend in with the humans that are currently living in that area. These wildlife creatures usually search for places that qualify to call it their home. What they usually do is they burrow or nest on our homes. There are different places in the house that are very accessible to these wildlife creatures.