Fastest Way to Get Rid Of Bats

Fastest Way to Get Rid Of Bats

Removing bats from your home is vital because they are dangerous creatures that carry pathogen, parasites, and diseases in their urine. This can lead to health issues to you, the family member and pets. Therefore, you will need to try your best to keep them away from your home. There are faster ways you can consider when you have this challenge to get rid of the bats.

Know the Law

Before you take any action, you need to check the local laws to understand the steps you should test to keep the bats away. The bats are on the threatened list that means that they are protected in most states. You may take an action that could be breaking the law that can make you jailed. You should contact your local animal control or a lawyer to know the rules.

Know Your Bat

You then need to determine the type of bats in your house. Therefore, you need to do more research to find out the common bats living in that place. When you identify the kind of bat that you want to exclude, you can know if it is likely for the bats to have babies. When you eliminate the mother, it means that you will be starving the babies to death and also they will be left in your home.

Know the Access Point

You should spend some time outside at dusk to observe where the bats are coming from.  You are likely to find a loose board, crack or a hole in the siding which is allowing the bats to enter an exit in your house. If there are multiple entryways, you should close all but leave one. This should be done while using sealant mixed with steel wool to prevent the bats from digging through to regain access using those points.

In the remaining opening, you should hook a one-exclusion funnel over that opening. Therefore, the bats will leave out of your property and not able to regain entry. During the night, the bats fly home to go for hunting, and once they leave, they will not get back in.

You can as well consider the expediting the process. This means trying to scare the bats out to make sure that they have left when dusk arrives. You can accomplish this by placing high beams of light in your attic place before sunset. Crank on the lamp when outside starts to be dark. The bats get startled, and your bats’ problem gets solved.