What Is The Best Material For Excluding Bats?

What Is The Best Material To Remove Bats?


What Is The Best Material to Exclude Bats?

When your home is infested with a colony of bats living in your attic, you get concerned about what steps to take to get rid of the bats from your home. Bat droppings also carry diseases and parasites; therefore, they are dangerous for human health. Even a single bat inside the house is dangerous. Bat removal a way of protecting yourself, your family members and your pets.

Keeping them from Getting in Your Home

Various exclusion methods help to deal with bats causing problems. This involves how to prevent the brown bats from accessing your home. You can go around your house outside to look for any spot that could be a bat entry point such as loose board, cracks or holes. These areas can allow bats to have easy access to the inside. When you find holes in the siding, you should look for materials for sealing the openings. When the issue is a loose board, ensure that you nail and screw them. With holes in your walls, you should replace the board to cover the openings.

If you use caulk and other sealants for sealing the holes, make sure that you use stainless steel wool combined with the sealant. This makes the place challenging for the bats to enter. Also, it helps to keep other animals like birds squirrels, possums, and raccoons from getting in as well.

How to Remove Them If They Are Already In

When you notice bats in buildings, you want to exclude them, you should start by looking for all the bat entry spots into the house. You can shut down every access point and leave one. This will prevent them from getting in after you remove them from your home. Other necessary materials such as a one-way bat exclusion funnel and bright lamp help. You need to attach the tube to the outside of the home, placing the large end directly against your house wall. This allow bats to fly out easily but not back in due to the funnels design. You can use a light to confirm that the bats are getting out of your home. Place a lamp in the attic to help with removing bats. The light startles the bat and forces it to fleedown the funnel and go outside and get trapped.