What If Bats Get Inside My House?

What If Bats Get Inside My Home


What If a Bat Gets Inside My House?

Its bad news when you see a bat flying around outside, and then realize there is an entire bat colony inside your house. These can be dangerous creatures because they can cause a wide assortment of health issues for you, your family, and your pets. Bats can carry rabies and a significant number of other illnesses and pathogens, having even just one brown bat inside your home is a serious health hazard that you should contact a bat removal expert to remove.

As you fret about the dangers that come with having bats in the house, the lost bat isn’t even aware that it bothers you. In fact, the ill-looking creature is just flying around inside the house because it is looking for a roosting place. So, which step should take if you find bats in your house, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any other area in the house?

First wise step

Do not panic; this is easier said than done because most people freak out which just makes the situation worse. Bats can never be sharper than you, take your time and then be ready to capture the bat.

Start by making sure to prevent the bat access to other places of your home. For instance, if you have found it in your kitchen, ensure that you have tightly closed doors to other living spaces such as the living room and the bedrooms. By doing this, you reduce its hideouts, meaning that you can easily trace it and manually get rid of it. You should take precautions to protect yourself, such as wearing clothes that cover exposed parts of your skin; you can put on a surgical mask, safety goggles, a hat and also leather gloves. This protects you from breathing any pathogens from any bat droppings and also protects your skin from having direct contact with the bat.

The most critical step is here; take action and eliminate the bat entirely and safely.

Get a large blanket and use it to bring the bat down to the floor by throwing the sheet over the top of it to trap the bat. With the bat on the ground, use long handles to spread the blanket from far away, while obstructing the bat from flying away or towards you.

In a very tactical way, close the blanket firmly such that the bat will be sealed inside, bring it outside and very cautiously throw the sheet away on to the flat ground; be careful because it can attack you. Just discard the used blanket.

In case you find out that the bat has left some bat droppings and other wastes in your home, use specialized enzyme-based cleaners to clean your house.

If you want to effectively get rid of a colony of bats inside the home recommended to call wildlife control instead of taking it into your hands. This is because pest control companies will have the knowledge and experience for the task at hand. You can also set up bat exclusion traps, after sealing off the bat entry points, leave one open, the bats will be able to fly out but not back in. You’ll have the bat trapped outside, and it will leave your property and find a new spot to roost.