What Building Materials Can Bats Chew Through?

What Kind Of Material Can Bats Chew Through?


What Can Bats Chew Through?

When you see an up close photo of a bat, you’ll notice they have very sharp teeth. The sharp teeth found among several species of bats are necessary since the majority of bats are predators and hunters. These teeth help the bat trap and kill their prey, as well as tearing apart the prey so the bats eat easier. The sharp look of the bats’ teeth resulted in myths, like vampires, being made about them.

With their sharp and strong teeth, many wonder what building materials inside the home a bat could chew through. When you examine other pests like squirrels or rats, they chew through all types of things, even electrical wires. Rats can even chew through a metal bar to escape out of their cage. Rats have incredibly sharp teeth, and makes many believe that bats are the same way.

The fact is that the teeth of the bats aren’t made to chew things such as woods and boards. Sometimes a bat damages and gnaws building materials, but it cannot break through the wall of the house. The reason for rats to chew on wood is for strengthening its teeth. The bats are capable of eating through the smaller coasting like plastics and rubber om electrical wires. So if bats chew on wires, then you can have a huge problem.

One should not be stressed that the bats will gain access to their homes by chewing its way through a wall and making an entry hole You should have confidence that your property is safe.
However, it’s crucial to note that when you have boards or siding that is loose and has been held in place with less sealant, bats are capable of loosening the board and making these areas into entry points. Thus they can gain access to your house.

Homeowners should consider frequent inspection of the home by wildlife control companies. If bats are found before the maternity season, they can be removed with bat exclusion devices. However, if you find them during the bats maternal season, bat removal is illegal while the baby bats are still dependant on their mothers. One of the biggest giveaways of bats in the attic is bat guano and urine. Keep in mind that bat feces also can get you very sick as it is filled with several diseases.