Should I Relocate Bats?

Should I Go With Bat Relocation?


Should I Relocate a Bat?

Human beings are generous, compassionate creatures. In case of any disaster, humans come together to aid the injured, homeless or trouble in different ways. When people come around injured animals, they try to assist them and look out for them. Sometimes, people help those that don’t deserve sympathy.

This is similar to the way people should treat a bat colony in their walls and ceiling. Bats have no benefit inside the house but can help get rid of flying insects like mosquitos. Also, all species of bats are dangerous to human beings as they carry diseases and parasites.

However, little brown bats are a protected species and should be treated with care. Therefore, people opt to relocate bats from their home to a far place where they can thrive. It’s a great idea, but you need to know a few things when it comes to bat removal. First, you should know that many states don’t allow wildlife removal to kill bats. By doing this, you face massive fines. If the bats are located in the primary area of your residence, bat removal will be required. You can use different ways to remove the bats. For example, in case the bats feel threatened, wearing extra layers of clothes, gloves, a mask and goggles will protect you. You can then capture it using your pillowcase or a blanket. It is better to call a wildlife removal company to set up bat exclusion devices for bat relocation than put yourself at risk. The way this exclusion method works is that the pest control company will seal up all bat entry points except one, place the exclusion device over the last hole, and the bats will be able to fly out but not back inside. Once the whole colony of bats is out, then they will seal up the last hole, provide a thorough attic cleanup, ultimately eliminating all threats from the bat infestation.

What most people wonder is what to do with the bat after capturing it since if you let it go,it will just come back. Some choose to take the bats to another location a far from their home and let it go. You should know that bats have great navigation; therefore, they are likely to return to your home immediately even across a hundred miles. Consequently, you will not have succeeded in getting way the bat from your home. Therefore relocation the bats from your home is time wasting as they will come back.