How to Remove Bats Droppings from Concrete

How to Remove Bats Feces from Concrete?


The bats’ feces are dangerous as they contain parasites, diseases, and pathogens. They can even pose severe health risks even after drying. The dried feces become airborne carrying pathogens that attach to someone’s skin or can be inhaled to lead to severe diseases. Therefore, having bats around your home is dangerous.

It’s Not Easy to Rid Of the Bats’ Feces.

With most animals, getting rid of their feces is easier. Some require a simple sweeping and scrubbing for the cleanup. In the bats, their feces and urine are corrosive; thus they can deteriorate both metal and woods. This destroys the integrity of a home and also makes it hard for removing them. Using water and soap to clean will not be successful but makes it more dangerous to human beings.

What Can Be Done?

Removing the bats’ feces is daunting, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get rid of the waste. You need some work to remove the feces from the surface like concrete. Therefore, you will not be stress by the remains of stains and pathogens. If you find stains from the bats’ feces in your home, you can consider the following steps to remove them.

You can start with sweeping up the waste. When doing this, you should make sure that you take precautions for keeping the feces from getting into contact with your body. Also, the dried feces are airborne and can be inhaled. You thus need to put on clothes that will cover your skin such as gloves, surgical mask, and goggles.

After cleaning the part, you should thoroughly do the washing using bleach or ammonia and water. This will enable killing off most bacteria and viruses present in the stained area. You should keep it safe by scrubbing it as it helps more.

When you clean up thoroughly, you need to remove the stains. In the market, you can find excellent products which are made explicitly for eliminating the feces and the stains from concrete. The enzyme-based products are unique in the cleanup of the stains making the pavement to get its original appearance. You should scrub the stained part more times as this result to better results.