Is It Legal For Me to Trap A Bat In My House?

Is It Illegal For Me to Trap A Bat In My Attic?


Is It Legal For Me to Trap A Bat?

If you know how dangerous a bat it is when it is around your house, you understand why most people cannot easily face these flying mammals face to face and would rather call wildlife control companies to trap bats. In some areas, bats are very common while in others they are very scarce. There are also some species which like roosting outside houses, such as in a bat house.

For the species that live in large colonies, they like larger spaces such as a barn. This means you will not find large colonies of bats in the attic.

However, this does not apply to all kinds of bats because some bats, such as brown bats, will find your house to be the ideal spot make their home. In fact, just a small group of bats will see your house most suitable place to set up their residence.

What should you do if you find a bat?

If you come across a bats in the attic, chances are you will be very fretted because these flying mammals are known to be excellent hosts of a large number of parasites and diseases, as well as leaving behind toxic bat guano; all that you want is to get rid of these displeasing and dangerous wild animals as quickly as possible. The million dollar question is how do you do that?

Using a one-way exclusion funnel is the simplest method of removing bats in buildings. These bat exclusion devices are straightforward to use because you have to attach the conduit to the outside of your attic on the exit points and as it gets dark, the bats in your house will fly through the funnel to forage for food. The tube will allow the bats to get out, but they cannot fly back inside.

Once the bats are out, remove the funnel and seal all holes in our house; this protects them from getting back.

Never do this

For a majority of people, all they want to get rid of bat now! Instead of calling a wildlife removal company for bat removal to set up bat traps, They will take matters into their own hands.

Some may decide to do what may seem humane act and catch the bat, take them to some other location and eliminate them. This may sound good because no one will be hurt, but it is illegal. Note that in many states, bats are a protected species, and it is not legal to trap or kill bats. Therefore, it illegal to stab, poison or shoot a bat. If you disobey the law, you may be forced to pay pretty hefty fines.

Regardless of how you view this, bats are becoming endangered, and the law is there to protect animals for that matter.