How to Get Bats Out Without Killing Them?

How Do You Get Rid Of Bats without Killing Them?


How to Remove Bats without Killing Them?

Repelling bats from your home is a daunting task. You need to look for a means of getting bats naturally away from your home without breaking any laws. Despite the health risks that come from bat droppings and urine and the animals themselves, they are included on the threatened list that means that they are a protected species. In the science world, most like to see the creatures thriving and succeeding. Therefore, it becomes a challenge to get rid of these animals. Killing bats can make you face severe legal ramifications; thus you need to look for non-lethal but effective methods to remove them. Bat trapping is also illegal; therefore, you should avoid it.

 Ways of Getting Rid of the Bats Successfully

There are some legal remedies to get rid of a bat inside your home. The perfect one is bat exclusion, where you give the bats a way for getting out of your house that they cannot use to get back inside. You can achieve this through installing a one-way exclusion device on the spot the bats are using to access your home. This device looks like a funnel which you need to nail it into the siding of your house directly over the bats’ entries and exits. The easiest way is to find all entries and exits, and seal the entry points, leaving just one behind to put the exclusion device on. Once the bats fly out of the home, they won’t be able to get back in. With the bats removed, you can then seal the last of the exit points.

As a result, this becomes the perfect device for pest control and removing bats from your house. Also, it’s vital to add steel wool to that sealants on the entry points to make it harder for the bat to dig back inside. The reason for using steel wool is because it irritates the teeth of the bat thus stopping it from attempting to get back.

If you consider a less passive approach to remove the bats, there are various things you can look at to fasten its exit down that funnel. The right one is through placing a bright light in the attic before the nightfall crank on the bat. The light will scare the bats and make it go for the exit. Using moth balls and adding a loud speaker in the attic can also help for batproofing your home.