How Do I Get Bats Out Of the Attic Vent?

How To Get Bats Out Of The Attic?


How to Get Bats Out Of the Attic Vent?

If you find a bat hanging outside or find a colony of bats in the attic, you should not be stressed. The bats could be looking for a perfect, quiet and peaceful place for them to shelter and that could be the attic of your home. Due to the blindness of the bats, they require a place for resting during the day where they will not be exposed to the sun and predators. The attic of your home becomes the perfect location as the animals will not get more disturbances.

Not Something You Want Around

Your attic is not the best place to have bats roost in for many reasons, and you’ll want to call bat removers to get rid of bats sooner rather than later. The first one is that these creatures are messy and disgusting. They can drop bat guano down when they sleep. The bat droppings contain parasites and bacteria that pose health issues to humans. They can attack a person in your home or even your pets. Bats’ bites are hazardous as they can carry rabies; therefore, it’s crucial to be safely removing bats living in the gable vents of your house.

What to Do

You first need to know that the task is overwhelming. Bats pose health risks to your family members and like travel and living in colonies. This means that seeing one bat inside your home means there could a large bat colony nearby. Contacting a wildlife removal company to get rid of the bats from your home is recommended. You should first identify the entry points that bats are using to get inside the attic and the ridge vents. This can be where there are loose or broken boards that might have a hole. Also, you can look at significant gaps in the vents plank. When you have identified one, you should continue searching to ensure there are not more.

When there are more openings, you should close up all but one, if possible the most used. Use caulk and steel wool to close other holes. This helps to prevent the bats from regaining access or digging into. Nailing or screwing a piece of steel on every part can also be useful. Setting up a bat exclusion device on the final hole will help because it lets bats fly out but doesn’t allow them back in. Some people may have a bat house installed in the area outside, to have the bats feed on mosquitos but this is not necessary.